Tanu Bhav Base of Your Horoscop

Tanu Bhav (First House)

1)Pratham Bhav/ Lagan Bhave/Ascendant house.

2)It is the place where native Ascendant(Lagan) is Rising so its belongs to your birth,Birthplace, and Caste(Rarer concept).

3)It is Your Own house so all matter which belongs to Your Body physical or spiritual related to this house.

4)It is natural Karak house of Your soul.

5)It is donating Your physical body Constitutions and body complex. So it is belongs to your Appearance,Personality,Heights of body, your body beauty. If further extend its its donating Your health of body(internal or external both),Strength or weakness of body. Health is directly belongs to Your life span and longevity so its also belongs to this(This is advance consideration because prime karak of life span is 8th house). When health is consider then illness automatically belongs to 1st house.



6) According to Kalpurush Consideration it is belongs to Aries Sign. That’s why It is consider Head of Kalpurush. So its belongs to Your head, Brain and Hair. Aries indicating East Direction and lagan is also rising in east Direction so 1st house belongs to East Direction.
Aries indicating Rajogun and fire Element so it is rarely Consider as Fire and Rajogun House(But prime important is rashi where ur lagan or 1st house falls Generally this two quality belongs to rashi of Your house).


7)First house is DHARM trikona of Your horoscop. It is also simultaneously kendra(Angular) or Vishnu sthan and Kona(Trinal) or Lakshmi Sthan of Your horoscope.

8)Natural Karak of First house is Sun regarding soul, health,Personality and Vitality.

9)Lord of First house (Lord of rashi in which 1st house is falling ) is called Lagan lord or Ascendant lord.

10)FIRST house also indicating your Nature, behavior,Fame and Dignity.

11)Its your child hood House so all matter belongs to your starting child hood donating by First house.

12)First house also indicating Your Happiness or sorrow,Your Honor/prestige or loss of respects.

13) This Your Tanu Bhav means what You are getting through own efforts belongs to 1st house such as wealth through own physical power.

14)What is capacity of ur brain also belongs to this house so Your knowledge,Your Dreaming capacity for higher desire or Lowest desire.

15) Political achievement of politicians also important role of 1st house. Actually what You Done and what your jobs have a important role of 1st house.

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