Moon In Seventh House For Gemini Ascendant

Moon in 7th house in Sagittarius sign for gemini ascendant 

1) Before knowing the effect of Moon in 7th house in Sagittarius sign for Gemini ascendant we have to know about Moon in 7th house, Moon in Sagittarius sign and 2nd house lord in 7th house.

2) Native may be brave and truthful. He may be broad minded and show off his philosopher attitude. He has good sense of humors. He has very clear thoughts. He may be good orator and same time harsh in arguments. He speak in very frankly ways and some time hurts others due to his frank attitude.

3) He may be moody in nature. He may be inflexible in nature. He may be fiery in nature and getting angry very quickly. He may be adventurous in nature. He may be suffering from mental frustration due to not full fill of his immoral desires. He never satisfied with own achievement.

4) He may be ambitious and aimed towards own goals. He may be religious. He may be natural leader. He may be jealous by nature.

5) His wife may be looking beautiful and sincerer.Wife has royal nature. Native may be sensual by nature. Native may accumulate wealth with help of his wife. His financial condition may improve after his marriage. Native may marry within his relatives or well known one. His wife may be suffering from cold and cough related issues.

6) He may be assume wealthy in society. He may be show off his good behaviors to society. He may be pleasing in nature.

7) He may be getting success in his professional life. But his professional life may has uncertainty or sudden up & down.

8) He may love travelling. He has many short distance travelling including his professional journey.He may be famous in far away place.

9) Native may be involved in family business. He may be suffering from health related issues due to his unnecessary stress taking attitude. He may be capable to attract people due to his speaking ability.

10) If you want to know more about Gemini ascendant then click this link.

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