Phaldipika Chapter 20 Part 6

Phaldipika Chapter 20 Part 6 

50) As we know that natural beneficial having the house lordship of kendra house is consider as kendradipati dosh. In among natural beneficial planet jupiter and venus may has strong kendradhipati dosh. If they place in marak bhav then become strong marak.

51) Mercury may be less malefic in comparison of jupiter and venus in the sense of kendradipati dosh. Moon may be less malefic then mercury.

Natural malefic having lordship of kendra may be consider auspicious and this will be improve from 4th to 10th house.

52) If Rahu & Ketu in kendra with trine house lord or in trine with kendra house lord then assumed very yogkaraka.

Rahu and ketu will give results according to bhav where they placed. If placed in auspicious house then gives good results and if placed in bad house then gives bad results.

If Rahu and ketu with any house lord then, they will give the results of their house lord.

53) Rahu and ketu is alone and placed in shubh bhav then during dasha they will give good results. If they placed in ashubh bhav then during dasha they will give bad results. If well placed yogkarak Rahu will give good results during their antardasha.

54) If antardasha of marak planet in yogkaraka mahadasha then it will be bad.

55) The following dasha may be very bad

a) planet in 8th house

b)planet who aspect 8th house

c)planet who is 8th house lord

d) drekkna lord of 8th house

e) sign lord of mandi.

The weakest among above may gives big sorrows in their own dasha.

56) The planet who moves toward own exalted sign from his debilitating sign is known as Arohi.

The planet who moves towards own debilitating sign from his exalted sign is known as Abrohi.

Arohi planet will gives improve his results during his dasha.

Abrohi planet will decrease own results during his dasha.

If any Abrohi planet will placed in his debilitated or enemy navmasa then results during their dasha may be worst. Even arohi planet is placed in debilitated sign or enemy sign will reduced own good results.

57) If any planet is debilitated or placed in enemy sign or combust in D1 and d9 it is placed in his exalted or mooltrikona or friendly sign or vargottarm and placed in auspicious bhav then during own dasha gives mix results and later improve own results.

58) Any weak planet placed in 12th from any house, may cause loss for that house. During dasha of weak planet, native may be suffering loss of that bhav significant. Weak planet in 12th house may cause death during own dasha or antardasha.

59) When ever dasha or antardasha lord transit to lagan or upchaya house  from lagan then auspicious results will be improve.

If planet will be transit to sign who is lagna from saptavarga then also his auspicious results will be improve during his dasha or antardasha.

When ever friendly planet or functional benefice from lagan will be transit at lagna then also auspicious results will be improve.

60) In whole of his dasha when ever planet transit to auspicious house from his birth moon (birth sign) then always auspicious results of dasha will be improve.

Whenever dasha lord is transit to inauspicious house from his birth moon( birth sign) then bad results of dasha is improve.

61) Whenever moon transit to friendly sign of dasha lord, exalted sign of dasha lord or trine from dasha lord or upachaya from dasha lord or 7th from dasha lord then good results of dasha is possible.

62) When moon transit from other place from above then bad results of dasha will be possible.

Moon transit from which bhav from lagna that house significant will be getting impact. Positive results is possible when moon transit is according to point number 61. Bad results of that bhav is possible when moon transit will be according to point 62.

63) We have to read kalyaan verma Saravali, laghu parasari, horasastra via varahmihir for doing prediction.

If we don’t have birth horoscope then we have to predict from prashna kundali and from moon kundali.

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