Moon In 11th House For Gemini Ascendant

Moon in 11th house in Aries sign for Gemini Ascendant 

1) Before knowing the effect of Moon in 11th house in Aries sign for Gemini Ascendant, we have to know about Moon in 11th house, Moon in Aries sign and 2nd house lord in 11th house.

2) Native may be brave and intelligent. He may has charming looking and attractive personality. He may be fully energetic and always in action mode due to his aggressive nature. He may be kind and having royal behavior. He may be fickle minded. His behavior may be frequently changed.

3) Native may be rich and wealthy. He has multiple source of earnings. He may make huge profits from many ways. Native may be skillful and faithful. But he doesn’t has passions to stay long time in a work. This combination is assumed as good dhan yoga. He may be successful in his attempts to money making.

4) Native has many friends. Native may be getting help of his friends. He may be getting help of his friends circle to accumulate wealth.

5) Native may has good name and fame. He may be natural teacher. He may getting profit from his speech or words.

6) Native has good materialistic happiness. His all materialistic desires will be fulfill with help of money.  He may be expert in money making. He ha materialistic approach towards life. He may be shameless in money making.

7) Native has many children. Native may be flirty by nature. He may be sensual. He may has more than one relationship. He may getting financial support from family and elders.

8) Moon is function malefic and marak lord and placed in 11th house, so it may be strong marak for native. So native may be suffering from health related issues. He may be suffering from cuts or wounds on the head. He may be suffering from pitta related issues.

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