Sun In Virgo Sign

           Sun   In   Virgo

1) Sun in Virgo sign indicating Sun is placed in 6th rashi of kalpurush. So first we have to know about Sun the boss and  Virgo Sign. As Sun is placed in 6th house of kalpurush so you may read Sun in 6th house. Again Sun is lord of 5th house of kalpurush and it is placed in 6th house of kalpurush so you may read 5th house lord in 6th house.

2) Let’s we know about Sun in Virgo according to different classical book .

Brihat Jatkam —
कन्यास्थे लिपि लेख्य काव्य गणित ज्ञानान्वितः स्त्रीवपुः।

When Sun in Virgo Native is knowledgeable regarding clerkial  jobs, writing, painting, poetry, mathematics or other calculative work, knowledge of science or other knowledgeable matters. Native will have feminine character. So its may be native looks like women, or body is weak or soft in physical constitution just like women, or native physical activities is just like women such as speaking, shyness, shrill voice, sensitiveness etc.

Sun in Virgo indicating
Native is weak in physical constitution and having little strength. Native’s voice have low tone and soft. Native’s physical constitution just like women. Native is cleaver man regarding scribe works and chamchagiri. Native is honour gods, his elders, and brahmans. Native is a modest minded person who loves music (also shruti) , singing, and instrumental music. Native is  intelligent and wise man of charming speech. Native is eager to perfect him self in profession.

Sun in Virgo indicating native will possess feminine physique. Native is weak in physical constitution. Native is scholar, experts in writing, be learned. Native will render service to Gods and elders. Native will be experts in mechanical works. Native will be skilled in vedas, songs and playing instruments. Native will speak softly and kindly.

Jatak Parijat
Native is cleaver (चतुरो)


3)Sun is karak of personality of native and its placed in Virgo sign which is famous for his feminine quality so native’s personality have feminine touch such as soft speaking, delicate body, weak in physical strength, sensitive, shrill voice and shy.  It is also indicating weak physical constitution.

4)Sun is Karak of vitality and it is placed in 6th house of kalpurush so native may have weak health or weak vitality.

5)Virgo is a Earthy sign and also a dual sign so Sun a steady behavior planet in Virgo indicating native is practical and flexible mentality.

6)Sun is indicating pitta dosh and Virgo indicating Vatta dosh so when Sun is affiliated in Virgo then it may cause above dosh related problems to the native. It may also cause back bone related problems or abdominal lower part depending on horoscope.

7) Sun in Virgo Native is cleaver. Native is well versed in clerkial jobs, writing, singing, music instruments, Ved and sastra. Native have charming voice and devoty of God and elders.

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