Phaldepika Chapter 2 Part 11

     Phaldepika chapter 2
     Part 11 Shlok 28 to 29

Shlok 28 —
First part of shlok tells about different grains belongs to 9 planets.
Sun belongs to wheat(गोधूम),
Moon belongs to Rice(तण्डूल),
Mars belong to Dhal(ढक श्याम, specially Masoor and Tur),
Mercury belongs to green gram or mung(मुग्दा),
Jupiter belongs to yellow or bengal gram( चणक),
Venus belongs to cow gram or dolichos or lobia(निष्पावा, also know as धंधरा या लोबिया),
Saturn belongs to  sesamum(तिल),
Rahu belongs to black gram(माष, kidney beans, urad etc),
Ketu belongs to horse gram(कुलुत्था, कुलथी/कुरथी).

9janpad(country) belongs to 9planets are
Kalinga for Sun,
Yavana for Moon,
Avanti for Mars
Magadh for Mercury
Sindu for Jupiter
Keekat for Venus
Saurashtra for Saturn
Ambara for Rahu
Parvata for ketu.

Shlok 29 —
This shlok describes about 9gemstones for nine planet
Ruby for Sun
Pure spotless Pearl for Moon
Red coral for Mars
Garuda birds like shape Emerald for Mercury
Topaz for Jupiter
Diamond for Venus
Stainless Sapphire for Saturn
Gomed for Rahu
Cat’s eye for Ketu.

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