Phaldepika Chapter 2 Part 12

Shlok 30 

Planet and their dhatu 

Copper for Sun, Kansa for Moon, Copper for Mars, Lead for Mercury, Gold for Jupiter, Silver for Venus, Iron for Saturn. 

Planet and their clothes 

Saffron for Sun, white for Moon, firey red for Mars, Green for Mercury, Yellow for Jupiter, White for Venus, black or old blue for Saturn. 

Shlok 31 

Planet and their taste 

Sun for pungent, Moon for salty, Mars for bitter, Mixed for Mercury, Sweet for Jupiter, Sour for Venus and Astringent for Saturn. 

Shlok 32

Planet and their area on body regarding cuts and marks 

Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Mars gives marks on right side of body. 

Moon, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu gives marks on left side of body. 

Planet and their body parts where marks is placed 

Sun  waist,  Moon head, Mars upper part of waist, Mercury armpit, Jupiter shoulders, Venus face, Saturn legs and thighs. 

Planet and their age 

Sun 50 year, Moon 70 year, Mars 16 year, Mercury 20 year, Jupiter 30 year, Venus 7 year, and Saturn 100 year. Rahu and ketu also 100 year. 

Shlok 33

Rahu is black and blue in look, large body , ugly in look, rashes in skins, hypocrisy creater, suffering from histeri, fraudulent in nature, flase speaker, skin related disease (kushth), criticiser of others and idiot in nature. 

Shlok 34 

Ketu has blood red and horror ful eyes,  speech is very harsh like poison,  large phyique, having wepons in hands, wicked in nature, having smoky in looks, suffering from wounds, thin in look and cruel in nature. 

Shlok 35 

Rahu has lead and ketu has soils. 

Rahu cloth is old and ragged. Ketu clots has multiple colour.

Mercury, Venus and Saturn is friend of Rahu and ketu. 

Mars is Neutral for Rahu and ketu. 

Sun, Moon, and Jupiter is enemy of Rahu and ketu. 

Shlok 36 

We have consider any planet badly deposited if they are in dussthan (6th, 8th, 12th),  ast (close with Sun), debilating and in enemy sign. 

We have consider any planet is well if they are in just away from Sun( or visible in sky), placed in excellent, Mooltrikona, own sign, friendly sign, Kendra or trine placed. 

Moon in 1st house, 5th house, 6th house, 7th house, 11th house and 12th house is increasing water elements of nature. It is consider auspicious for auspicious rituats. 

Shlok 37

Sun for long, hard and strong tree.

Moon and Venus on Creeping tree,  Rahu and Ketu Clump of a tree or bush, Mars and Saturn Thorny trees, Jupiter Fruit bearing trees, Mercury Fruitless trees.  

The trees which blossom and which supply some kind of juice belong to theMoon and Venus. The trees which are juiceless or weak come under the jurisdiction of Saturn. Saal trees are ruled by Rahu. 

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