Phaldipika Chapter 2 Part 8

       Phaldipika Chapter 2
    Part 8 Shlok 19 to Shlok 20

Shlok 19 — This shlok describes different matters related to Jupiter and Jupiter and Venus.

Jupiter is belong to person have knowledge about God(दैवज्ञ), minister, Guru, brahman, head of temple or other religious community, important person, horse, pigeon, and swan.

Remarks— Devagy is also used for astrologer, one who knows all sastra and ancient religious books.
Horse, swan and pigeon is consider as very wise animals.

Venus belongs to musician, rich man, sensualist(विट),business man, artist( नट), waver(तन्तुवाय), prostitute( वेश्या), peacock (मयूर), a buffalo, parrot, and cow.

Remarks– Venus is indicating inclination regarding music and artist quality. Lakshmi or wealth which is belong to श्री is related to Venus. Materialistic world related matters belong to Venus.

Shlok 20 —-  One who do business of oil(तेलक्रयी), servants, mean person, hunter( किरातक ), blacksmith, elephant, crow and cuckoo belong to Saturn.

Remarks– Saturn related to any bad acts just like hunting of innocent animals or birds. It’s also related to mechanical works just like a blacksmith. Crow and cuckoo both are black birds.

Rahu and ketu belong to Buddhist, snake catcher, ass, wolf, camel, a snake, dark place or place without light, mosquito, bug and owl.

Remarks– Virus and all types of smallest or invisible elements belong to shadow planet. Animals who lives in hidden way belong to shadow planet. So hidden disease and incurable disease related to this shadow planet.

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