Phaldepika Chapter 2 Part 6

                Chapter 2
      Part 6 Shlok 15 to Shlok 16

Shlok 15 — This shlok described abouts places related to Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury.

Sun — Shiva Temple, Outside from home (बहि), area where sun light is presences(प्रकाशक), desert area(मरुद्देश), and East direction.

Moon — Durga sthan, watery place, place related to herbs( औषधि, in modern concept placed related to aurvedic or homeopathic place, because both related to herbs), place related to liquor ( मधुस्थान,in modern day it may belong to sweet liquor place or bear bar etc but stander place), a place where only women is allows, and North west direction (वायु दिक्).

Mars — Thieves and lower people occupied ares(चोंर, मल्लेचछ) ,fire related place (कृशानु), battle field , and south direction(यम).

Mercury— Place for learning or learned man, lord Vishnu place, assembly hall(सभा, all sorts of place where people are comes together), traveling place (विहार), calculating place(गणक स्थान, all place where calculating acts are done, such as computer related work place, scientific calculating area,etc), and North direction.

Shlok 16 —This shlok describes places related to Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and ketu.

Jupiter– Treasury house or place, Pipple tree place, house of God and brahman, North East direction ( ईसान दिशा).

Venus —  Place for adultery or courtesan house (वेश्यालय),house of women living, dancing hall, bedroom, SouthEast ( Agni) direction.

Saturn — Lower class people living area, dirty place, west(वरुण) direction, Temple of Sastha(छास्तु).

Rahu and ketu — Ant hill, the deal holes of serpents, and south west direction. ( In simple means area which are not in limelight of worlds or hidden place)

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