Sun In Leo Sign

        Sun In Leo Sign

1) Sun in Leo sign indicating Sun is placed in own sign which is also Mooltrikona sign of Sun. Sun in Leo sign means Sun is placed in 5th house of kalpurush. So before starting know about Sun in Leo we have clear thoughts about Sun the boss and Leo the King. As 5th house lord is placed in 5th house of kalpurush so you may read 5th house lord in 5th house. You may also know about Sun in 5th house.

2) After know about above facts we should check what classical book suggested about Sun in Leo sign.

Brihat Jatakam
When Sun In Leo sign in horoscope  then native loves to lives in forest, mountain, places where cattle lives. Native is brave and idiots( its very aggressive in action without knowing impact) in nature.

When Sun in Leo in a horoscope of native then native is destroy his enemy. Native is violently angry . Native acts nobly. Native is diligent worker but not tolerate opposition. Native is a famous guardian and a fore most hero. Native have mystery , strength, steadfastness and firmness. Native is glorious man who holds a sword in his hands, and his actions are firece and brutal and whose conduct is un-saintly. Native is found of flesh and wanders in impassable forests.

Native will destroy his enemies. Native is angry man but perform notable acts. Native will wander in forests, hill and fortresses. Native will be enthusiastic and valorous. Native will be bright in appearance. Native will eat meat, flesh etc. Native will be formidable, restive, strong in lasting measure, talkative. Native will be king, be plentiful in wealth and famous.

Jatak Parijat
Native will be well versed in all types of arts and (सर्वकलारसज्ञ ).


3) Sun is fiery planet and Leo is also a fierce sign and Sun is karak of personality and Leo in kalpurush indicating mentality so this indicating native will have more quality of fire charter in nature. My means native is more fiery in nature. Native may be very angry man and as per as Leo character violentic in behavior.

4)Sun and Leo both indicating a good or unique attractive personality so Sun in Leo indicating native will be attractive and bright looks just like he are located even in crowd.

5)Sun and Leo both are sattav gun in nature so native may be full with sattavgun so native may be Nobel in nature and likes righteousness deeds. And as its also have Leo impact so don’t tolerate in rightness acts.

6)Sun in Leo is indicating native is very brave and courageous in personality.

7)As Sun in Leo indicating in kalpurush chart 5th house lord in 5th house indicating native may be very intelligent. So Sun in Leo indicating native may be very intelligent. Native may be well versed in many types of vidya or sastra. Native may be blessing by government of authority.

8)Sun is Karak of father and its placed in own sign then native father may be good and famous person.

9)Sun in Leo indicating native has strong jathharagni(abdominal fire). So if well placed then native have very good digestive capacity  or if afflicted then cause problems due to abdominal fire.

10)Sun in Leo itself a good regarding money matters or wealth.

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