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Ninth House–Your Fortune Palace

images Ninth House
1)Also know as Navam Bhav/Bhagya Sthan/Dharm sthan/Father House.

2)Ninth House is 3rd and strongest Dharm Kona of Your Horoscop.It is also the 3rd and strongest Trikona(Trinal) place of Your Horoscop. Actually it is the most benific house of Your Horoscop.

3)Karak Matter–Fortune,Father,Long travel,Religious,Pilgrimage,Guru,Fame,Higher study,Thighs.

4)Kalpurush concepts– 9th House belongs to thighs of Kalpurush and its natural Rashi is Sagittarious(Dhanu). So its natural lord is Jupiter and belongs to East direction and Satgun.

4)Fortunes House—9th House is your Bhagya(Luck) sthan in horoscop. In our vedic Darshan Bhagya is fruits of Our previous Good Karam(And Our Previous karam belongs to 8th house). So “how lucky your are” is belongs to 9th House.

5)Father House—9th House belongs to Your father(5th from 9th House is House of Your birth).So all matter related to Your father belongs to 9th House.Health, Ayu,Status,Nature,wealth etc matter of Father belongs to 9th House.

6)Religious House–As 9th House is strongest Dharm trikona of Your Horoscop so it belongs to all of Your religious activity. It is the only Dharm sthan which is belongs to upper part of natural birth circle(rest two house 1st house and 5th house is being downward House. House 1st to 6th house is belongs to downward and house 7th to 12th upward house.). So 9th House strongly show case your religious work/Activity to world. So your Religion,Workship,Your Visits to religious place(Pilgrimage),Your religious Guru belongs to 9th House.So religious Dharm guru,Priest, Pujari,Padari,Maulana etc belongs to 9th House.Satsanga and other same jobs belongs to 9th House.

7)Fame—9th House is main Karak house of Your Fame.Fame is actually prize of Your Good karam.So it is also belongs to your Bhagya(Fruits of good karams).So 9th House is base house of Your Fame. Rest other house 10th house,1st house,5th house and 7th house is depand on 9th House for fame.

8)Matter related to 5th house—Being 5th from 5th house 9th house donating a lot of contribution of matter related to 5th house. Such as Your behavior,Nature,intelligencey in form of wisdom,Kindness,Higher education, child related matter etc related to 9th House. But don’t forgot 5th house is Prime house for all this matter.

9)Long Travels—9th House belongs to all of Your long travels. So all of Your long travels belongs to 9th House. Are you going to Forigen, going to other state, other town depand on 9th House. In extended concepts it is also related to vehicles(But prime house foe vehicles is 4th house)

10)Brother’s wife–9th House is 7th from 3rd house(House for your brother) so it is belongs to your brother’sis wife.

11)Grandsons—Being 5th from 5th house(Children) so 9th House belongs to your Grandsons(Children of children)

12)Your Splendour—It is the strongest Lakshmi sthan of Your horoscop. Its natural sign is Sagittarious(Dhanu) which is Mooltrikona rashi of Jupiter(Karak for wealth) so it is belongs to Your Splendour.How comfortable Life you enjoying is related to this 9th house.

13)Change in career–This is very rarer concept don’t use frequently because 9th House is best benific for your horoscop. Some time it is seen that a melefic or badly effected 9th House indicating loss of Your jobs or change in your career or your demotion, or fall from kingship or loss of stateship.

14)Karak Planet—
Sun—-For Father
Jupiter—For Fortunes,Wealth,Religious activity,Higher Education.

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