Venus And Mercury Conjunction In Tenth House

Effect of Venus and Mercury Conjunction in 10th house

1)Before knowing the effect of Venus and Mercury conjunction in 10th house we have to know about Venus in 10th house, Mercury in 10th house and Venus and Mercury conjunction.

2) Native may be handsome and attractive by look. He has natural charm on his face and attract opposite gender. He has very good communicating skills. He may be capable to attract public through his words.

3) Native may be rich and wealthy. He has very good financial conditions. He has all sorts of materialistic happiness. He has good happiness of vehicles. He may be getting parental wealth. He has comfort of relatives and friends. He may be interested in friendship with ladies. He may be sensual and flirty in nature.

4) Native may has good name and fame. He may be popular in society. He has good reputation. He may be famous for his social activity and intellectual work.

5) Native may be money minded. He may be skilled in money making and expert business man. He may be very good in marketing. He has professional attitude. Native may be getting success in his venture. He may be expert in selling any things. He may be also expert in financial dealings.

6) Native may be in profession related to accounts. Native may be in profession related to modellings, fashion, interior designing’s etc. Native may be getting success in woman related profession such as cosmetic business etc. He may be getting success in transportation or vehicle related business. He may earn through real estate business. He may be getting success in financial sector.

7) Native may be intelligent. He may be scholar and having knowledge of various subjects. He may be full with mental strength. He may be expert in tricky works. He may be getting success in litigations.

8) Native may has natural talents of singing, dancing, poetry, speaking etc. He may be getting good sucess in acting, dancing, singing or other arts related activity.

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