Venus And Mercury In Eleventh House

Venus and Mercury Conjunction in 11th house

1) Before knowing the effect of Venus and Mercury conjunction in 11th house, we have to know about Venus in 11th house, Mercury in 11th house and Venus and Mercury conjunction.

2) Native may be handsome and attractive by looking. He has natural charm on his face and looking younger than his age. He will attract opposite gender. He may be famous for his attractive and pleasent nature.

3) Native may be rich and wealthy. He has all sorts of materialistic comfort and happiness. He has comfort of Vehicle. He may be getting profits from vehicle. He has many commercial property.

4) Native may has natural talents of singing, comedy, dance and drama. He may be intelligent and expert in logic and argument. His way of communication is very attractive. He has very good speaking ability. He has pleasant voice. He may be expert in multiple subject.

5) Native may be sensual. He has multiple affairs. He may be flirty in nature. He may be interested in friendship with woman. He may has many sort of hidden desires and lack of satisfaction.

6) Native may be money minded. Native may be expert in selling any things. He may be expert in financial dealings and success in financial matters.

7) Native may has very good friend circle. He may be getting support from his co-workers and servants. Native may has fortunate kids.

8) Native may be getting victory over his enemies. He may be creating dispute between others.

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