Venus In Tenth House

Venus In Tenth House

1)Before knowing the effect of Venus in 10th house first we have to know about Venus and 10th house.

2)10th house related to profession of native so when Venus occupy 10th house native may be in profession related to venus. Native may be in beauty related profession such as modeling, beauty parlor, interior decoration, fashion industry, dress designer, Shilpikar, jewelry industry, cosmetic industry etc. Venus is karak of vehicle so native may be in profession related to vehicle industry. Venus is related to women so native may be working women related profession or many women working under the native. Venus also belongs to pleasure or attraction so native may be in profession which is related to pleasure or attraction. Native may also earn through real estate.


3)Venus in 10th house makes native wealthy and rich.  He may be working in financial sector.

4)Native may gets all sorts of happiness as Venus as natural benefice planet aspects on 4th house of happiness from 10th house. Native may has happiness of vehicle, family, marriage, money.

5)Venus in 10th house may cause for trouble in education of native due to his money making attitude.

6)10th house Venus makes native very skilled businessman because native may has good social attraction and well in marketing and making money.

7)10th house belongs to social fame. Venus is 7th house lord in kalpurush chart ,placed in 10th house is indicating native may has good name and fame in society. Native may be high reputation in society. Native may get attraction of people specially opposite gender. Native may be kind and gentleman image in society.

8)Venus in 10th house is indicating native may believe in God and working according to religious law.

9)Venus in 10th house is indicating native will get success in litigation.

10)Venus in 10th house is indicating native may be famous for his social activity and may get profit from his social activity.

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  1. sir
    my date of birth 14 oct 1966 Friday
    in my block 4th place saturn
    8th place jupiter
    10th venus sun and moon
    so many breaks and failure

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