Mercury In 10th House

Mercury In Tenth HouseĀ 

1)Before knowing the effect of Mercury in 10th house we have to know about Mercury and 10th house.

2)Mercury in 10th house doesn’t consider good regarding easy success in professional life. In kaalpurush chart, Mercury is 6th house and 3rd house lord, so the general impact may be struggle and obstacles in profession (due to 6th house lord impact) and doing own efforts (due to 3rd house lordship impact) means doesn’t get a smooth success. But this is only one side story.


3)Mercury is karak of intelligence, education, thinking mind when it is placed in 10th house native may be very intelligent. He may be scholar in various subjects. He has full mental strength. Due to above qualities, native may be always interested to gain more knowledge. Native may be experts in tricky work, astrology, mathematics. Overall native may be scholar, courageous, strong and powerful minded.

4)Mercury in 10th house is consider auspicious regarding social fame. Mercury is karak for intelligence so native may be famous for his intelligence or such type of his intellectual work.

5)Mercury is karak of speech if Mercury is well placed then native may be good or honest in his speech in his professional life. But if mercury is afflicted by malefic then native may be dishonest in his speech in his professional life. In simple Mercury in 10th shows native’sĀ  Sidhantavaditha in his profession. In general native may be stick to his word.

6)A well place Mercury in 10th house indicating native may get success in very beginning in his ventures. Other wise native will success through his own efforts and intelligence.

7) Mercury in 10th house is indicating, native may be working in communication related field, native may be in sells, native may be clerk, accountant or other such type of jobs. Native may be a business man or trader.

8) Mercury in 10th house is indicating, his father may has good parental land. Native’s mother may be argumentive lady.

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