Mercury And Venus Conjunction

Effect of Mercury and Venus Conjunction

1) Native may has natural charm. Native may be looking attractive. Native may be attract opposite gender.

2) Native may be pleasant in speaking. He may has sweet voice. He may be expert in selling any things. He may be expert in dealing any sort of financial matters.

3) Native may be money minded. He may be sensual. He may be interested in friendship with female friends.

4) Native may be interested in study of financial sector or fashion industry. He may be inclined towards earning in place of learning. But he may has knowledge of various field.

5) Native may has natural talents of singing, comedy, dance or drama. He always try to look handsome by any ways.

6) Native may has many sort of commercial property.He may has good earning from property.

7)In a male chart, his wife may be intelligent and clever. She speaks very well. She can handle difficult things. His husband may be business minded. Native may has love marriage.

8) In female chart, She may be quite intelligence. She may has male friends. His husband may be business minded.

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