Lata And It’s Impact

Lata and it’s impact 
Sarbatobhadra chakra lesson 9

Lata is considered malefic aspects of planet( either beneficial planet and malefic planet). Many author defined it is just a kick of planet or “Lata marna”. But what above they defined but lata is always give malefic impact. Every planet give lata on a particular star from its own position. Let’s know it. Please keep in mind all calculations are done by star position.

Sun is giving front lata 12th from its own position.
Moon is giving behind lata 22nd from own position. 
Mars is giving front lata 3rd from own position.
Mercury is giving behind lata 7th from own position.
Jupiter is giving front lata 6th from own position.
Venus is giving behind lata 5th from own position.
Saturn is giving front lata 8th from own position.
Rahu/ Ketu is giving behind lata 9th from own position. 
Always keep in mind retro planet will give lata on opposite direction of above said lata.

Effect of Lata
Basically lata giving planet will bring loss regarding own signing. Let’s try to explain impact of lata. 

Sun Lata – Sun is karak of father, boss, authorities, status so Lata of Sun is impacting on above matters. Native may has issues with father or his father has ill health. Native may has fear or loss from government or boss or authorities. Native may has chance to loss his position or facing issues regarding his promotion. Native’s name and fame has some issues. Native may has health related issues. 

Moon Lata – Moon is karak of mother, mind and general mood. So lata of Moon may cause mental stress, humiliation, temprory health issues. 

Mars Lata – Mars is karak of action, fighting, blood, police etc. So lata of Mars may cause fighting, dispute, police case, accident, issues with brother or husband. Some sort of difficulty to execute his actions. 

Mercury Lata – Mercury is karak of Karak of documents, mentality, trading, relatives. So Mercury lata may cause for dispute with relatives. Native may facing mental issues. Native may facing issues in his business or trading. Native may has some sort of issues related to documents. He has facing unnecessary argument and depression. 

Jupiter Lata – Jupiter is karak of growth, happiness, wealth and fortune. So Jupiter lata may cause for misfortune, loss of wealth and unhappy period for native. Native may be facing bad phase of life in many fronts. 

Venus lata – Venus is karak of wife, financial condition, marriage, love relationship. So Venus lata may cause financial issues. Native may has issues with his wife or lover or breakup in relationship or dispute is possible. It may cause issues regarding marriage. 

Saturn Lata– Saturn is karak of misfortune, sorrows, disease etc. So Saturn lata may cause for misfortune. Native may facing sorrows. Native may be suffering from disease. He may facing issues with government or loss through government.

Rahu and Ketu lata – Rahu and Ketu is considered most malefic planet. So it’s lata may cause health related issues which is not easily dignosed. It may cause unnecessary mental stress. It may cause fear from fire, thief, frauds, punishment via government, unnecessary hypocrisy or sudden bad phase or jail etc. 

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