Impact Of Vedha Of Planet – Part 3

Impact of Vedha of Planet Part 3 
Sarbatobhadra Chakra – Lesson 7

Saturn Vedha – Saturn is natural malefic planet so Vedha of Saturn is considered harmful or bad. Saturn is karak of misfortune, sorrow, death, disease etc. Saturn is belong to air elements. Saturn Vedha may cause for health issues. So native may be suffering from sickness, fever, vata related issues, joint pain or pain in body, blood pressure issues etc. Native may be suffering from depression, mental stress, failure in his work or jobs or attempt. He may be facing sudden painful events or upset. Native may be facing issues with his enemies and doesn’t getting support from his friends. He may be facing demotion or loss of his status or defeat in any sort of litigation. Native may be suffering from financial crisis. Native may be facing issues from his employees. It may cause for jail or such type of issues.

Rahu Vedha – Rahu is considered natural malefic planet. It may cause malefic Vedha. Rahu is karak of confusion, hypocrisy or uncertainty. Rahu Vedha may cause for dispute, confusion, facing obstacle in his attempt or jobs or works. Native may has sudden health related issues which is not easily catch-up by doctor. It may cause for virous related issues. Native may be facing digestive issues. Native may be facing heart related issues. Native may be facing some sort of false blaming related to women. Native may be facing some sort of issues related to fire or thief. Native may has facing accident or muder or fishing or frauds.

Ketu Vedha – Ketu is natural malefic planet so it’s Vedha is considered malefic. Ketu is karak of cutting or mukti or separation. Ketu Vedha may cause for accident or cutting or loss of blood. Native may be facing loss of wealth. He may facing body pain. It may cause for extreme painic or concentration which may cause for high blood pressure or mental stress. He may facing disappoint in his efforts. Dispute with his near and dear one or wife is possible. Some sort of issues with government is possible.

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