Impact Of Vedha Of Planet – Part 2

Sarbatobhadra Chakra – Lesson 6
Impact of Vedha of Planet

Mercury Vedha – As we know that Mercury may be beneficial or malefic. So when beneficial then it’s Vedha may be Shubh or good otherwise it’s Vedha may be bad.
Mercury is karak of documents, relatives, business and mentality. When Panchshalak is getting Vedha by Mercury then native may be getting happiness of relatives and family. Some sort of good events is possible. Native may getting success in intellectual works such as examination, writing, tricks etc. Native may be getting success in documents related works. Native may getting favor from Government or support regarding some documentation. Native may be getting success in his business or trading activities. Native may be getting relief from any sort of sickness specially related to Tridosh. Native may be getting some sort of landed property. If Mercury is malefic then results may be opposite in nature and disappointed regarding above matters. Such as setback in profession, sickness , stress and unhappy events.

Jupiter Vedha – Jupiter is natural beneficial planet and Karak of growth, fortune, wealth and success. So Jupiter Vedha on Panchshalak is always considered good. That time is considered fortunate period for native. Native may be getting financial gain. He may getting success in all his efforts. Native may be getting favor from government. Time is starting regarding relief in life. Native may enjoy peaceful and happiness in life. Native may be involved in religious and ritual ceremonies. Native may enjoy good health. Native may be getting promotion or success in his business. Native may be getting victory over litigation or war or dispute in very reputed ways. Native may be getting support of elders or Guru. Native’s name and fame will be improve.

Venus Vedha – Venus is natural beneficial planet so it’s Vedha is considered very good. Venus is karak of money, comfort of women, luxurious life style. So Venus Vedha is considered good regarding money matters and financial cash flow matters. Native may getting good opportunity and success in profit making. He may getting professional achievement. Native may be getting comfort of wife and kids. Native may be fall in love. If Venus is afflicted with natural malefic then results may be negative such as financial loss, dispute with women or blaming through women.

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