Results Of Vedha

Results Of Vedha – Lesson 8 
Impact of Vedha on Panchshalak ( Birth sign, Birth nakshtra, Birth thithi, Birth Vowels and Birth consonant) 
1)If one malefic is giving impact
a) on one Panchshalak then native may be facing failure in effort and suffering from dispute and confusion.
b)on 2 Panchshalak then native may facing fear and loss
c) on 3 Panchshalak then defeat in litigation or issues and big financial loss and sickness
d)on 4 Panchshalak Serious illness and serious financial situation
e) on 5 Panchshalak then death or death like situation.

If 2/3 or more malefic is giving impact on Panchshalak then negative results is more powerful.

Results of Malefic Vedha on Panchshalak 
Sign – Native may be facing obstacle
Nakshtra- Failure in attemps, confusion regarding taking action
Thithi – Frar and danger
Vowels – Health issues
Consonant- Financial loss

Note Vedha by two Planet from two different star is more Powerful ( Either good or bad).

Results of Vedha of Beneficial planet 
One beneficial then Good time and improve of health.
Two beneficial then Good Fortune and financial gain and recovery from disease.
Three beneficial then Success, victory, promotion, huge financial gain and major growth of health.
Four beneficial then huge gain, success in all around and sound health.

Way of Vedha working
Once a planet enter to sign then we can say events may be occurs soon.
Once a planet gives exact Vedha on that navmasa pad ( Nakshtra pad) then events will be happening.
One a planet is out from that Nakshtra then events is already happened and no other events regarding that Nakshtra is happening.

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