Impact Of Sun Upgrah

Impact of Sun Upgarh

We have assume 9 Upgrah of Sun according to placement of Sun. All this star is assume very malefic in nature. They always gives malefic results. Any planet placed in that particular nakshtra may give malefic results. Also during transit any planet cross that particular nakshtra may be get effected and gives malefic results. Also if during transit this upgrah is associated with any natal planet then it will give negative impact on that planet. In sarvatobhadra chakra where this upgarh is placed we consider that area as a negative place. Even if moon cross this nakshtra then those day is not consider good. Even if that upgrah is associated with sensitive nakshtra in navtara concept then also not consider good.

Let’s know Sun Upgrah

  1. Sun nakshtra – It is treated malefic like Sun. It is Sun position so no need to tell more.
  2. Vidyutketu – It is 5th star from Sun. It is consider malefic for children. It can give mental stress and issues in professional life.
  3. Shoola – It is 8th star from Sun. It is consider malefic like SHOOL. So it may cause obstacles and danger of accidents or blooding. It is harmful for life partner and partnership business.
  4. Shannipat – It is 14th star from Sun. As per as name it is come with sudden and native may be such a bad condition so he doesn’t able to take any decisions. His family may be suffering from any bad events. Native may be suffering from bad phase in his life. He may facing serious health issues.
  5. Ketu – It is 18th nakshtra from Sun. It will give malefic results related to 9th house. It may be harmful for father. It may cause losses through act of God. It may cause dispute with authorities. Some sort of issues during travelling.
  6. Ulka – It is 21 nakshtra from Sun. It will give malefic results just like a sudden chain of many small malefic events. Basically it is very bad for financial matters. It is also not good for family matters.
  7. Kampaa – It is 22nd nakshtra from Sun. It will give malefic results through our relatives.
  8. Varja – It is 23rd star from Sun. It is malefic for profession life.
  9. Nirgit – It is 24th star from Sun. It is malefic for professional life status. It is giving malefic effect on our social status.

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