Impact Of Vedha Of Planet – Part 1

Sarbatobhadra Chakra – Lesson 5

Impact of Vedha of Planet
First we have to always keep in mind, in Sarbatobhadra Chakra, natural beneficial planet will give beneficial Vedha and natural malefic planet will give malefic Vedha.
So Jupiter, Venus, Shukla paksha Moon, Mercury ( alone or with natural beneficial planet) will give Shubh or beneficial Vedha.
Sun, Mars, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu will give Ashubh or malefic Vedha.
So now we have try to know about impact of Vedha and please keep in mind this Vedha is only applicable regarding Panchshalak ( with reference of birth nakshtra).
Sun Vedha – Sun is a fire planet and Karak of government, ego and health. When Sun is giving Vedha on Panchshalak then it may cause issues on health of native. Native may be suffering from fever, anger, stress, tension, unhappiness, ego, misunderstanding and unnecessary fear regarding government and authorities and health. Native may be suffering from dispute with government or administration or father or son. He may facing some sort of issues in his professional life. Some sort of issues regarding parental property is possible. He may facing issues regarding his efforts or getting success in his work. If same time Vedha by another malefic then heart attack or eye sight issues or stomach issues is possible.
Moon Vedha– If Moon is benifical during transit then results is positive otherwise negative results is possible. As per as general consideration, any negative or postive results may be trigger in native life when Moon will give Vedha on any Panchshalak specially on Nakshtra.
Moon Vedha is indicating victory over his enemies, success in his work or effort, getting comfort and comfortable things( such as vehicle, ornaments or dress or bed pleasure). All sorts of benifical results and recovery from sickness. Above good results is possible if Moon is benifical and associated with benifical planet.
If Moon is malefic and associated with malefic planet then suffering from disease, mental stress or sickness, unhappiness, obstacle in his work, separation, negative events and jail or death or other very bad events.
Mars Vedha – Mars is a fire elements and Karak of Police, don, brother, land, blood, cuts, accident etc. When Mars is giving Vedha on Panchshalak then it is considered malefic for native. Native may be suffering from anger and unnecessary tension and stress. Native may be suffering from loss of mental power. Native may be suffering from blood pressure or any blood related issues. He may be suffering from sickness, fever, skin rashes, tension and stomach regarding disease due to pitta or digestive issues. Some sort of of cutting, loss of blood or accident is possible. It may cause dispute with relatives or brother. He may facing financial loss or issues regarding property or some sort of litigation or blaming or police case or something stolen. He may facing separation or issues with wife or children.

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