Mars In Pisces Sign

       Mars In Pisces Sign

1) Before knowing the effect of Mars in Pisces Sign we have to know about Mars and Pisces Sign. Pisces is 12th house sign of kalpurush and Mars is placed here so you may read Mars In 12th house. As Mars is lord of 1st and 8th house of kalpurush so you may read First house lord in 12th house and 8th house lord in 12th house.

2) Now let’s we learn from different classical book regarding Mars in Pisces Sign

Brihat Jatkam
When Mars in house of Jupiter means either Sagittarius or Pisces Sign then native may have many enemies. He may be secretary of King. He may be famous. He will be without fear. He will have few children.

When Mars in Pisces Sign in birth chart Native will be suffering from diseases. His children may not be very intelligent. He will be always inclination to live in foreign place. He will insulted by own relatives. His wealth and others materialistic wealth will be destroyed due to illusion and his faulty speech. His thoughts will be just like poison. His speech is very harsh and he will be suffering from sorrows. He will be insulting his elders and brahman. He will have no mercy. He will have unusual desires. He will be knowledgeable and fond of prayer or stuti. He will be famous.

Mars In Pisces Sign in birth chart produce a diseased man who is lives aboard and has few sons. A person hated by many guys, one who loses all his property because of paying interest on his loan and fraud but his grief is not sharp.
He will be a dishonest man who destroy the position and prosperity of good and nobel men. He will be disrespectful to Gods and brahman. He will knows what he wants, a man who is found of sacred tradition and sciences, one who has many relatives but he will be quarrelsome person who is rude to his relatives


3)Mars is karak of action and it is placed in a watery sign and duel sign so it may cause native may be taking action in moody or emotional ways. He may not have enough strength due to his emotional attitude.

4)Mars in Pisces Sign indicating native may be very inclined towards knowledge of occult, tantra, mantra, fantasy things, magic etc. It may possible he may used such type of knowledge in tamsic ways.

5)Mars in Pisces Sign indicating native may be very romantic and having good sexual disers. It may possible native don’t have peace in mind or a restless mind. It may also cause sleeping disorder. It may cause head pains, abdominal problems, surgery related to head or abdominal such as liver related surgery. It may also cause native may be suffering from debits.

6) Mars as 1st house lord of kalpurush and placed in 12th house of kalpurush (Pisces Sign) may cause native don’t have good self-confidence regarding his actions. He may be not sure regarding his actions. He may be suffering from doubts. It may also cause native may be hospitalized due to any accidents, cutting, surgery or such type problems.

7)Mars in Pisces Sign indicating native may have high expense. He may be expense on bad acts or bad conduct. He may be loss his wealth due to gambling activities.
He may gets parental property.

8) Mars in Pisces Sign indicating native may have bad habits but he may be famous. He may goes for forigen travel. He may have power to a wake-up inner spirituality.

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