Mars In Virgo Sign

Mars In Virgo Sign

1)Before knowing effect of Mars in Virgo sign first we have to know about Mars and Virgo sign. As Virgo is 6th house sign of kalpurush so you may read Mars in 6th house. As Mars is lord of 1st and 8th house and placed in 6th house of kalpurush so you may read 1st house lord in 6th house and 8th house lord in 6th house.

2)Now let’s we know from different classical book regarding Mars in Virgo
Brihat Jatkam
When Mars in the house of Mercury (Gemini or Virgo sign ) Native will be very glorious (तेजस्वी). He will have sons. He will be friendless. He will be grateful. He will experts in arts(music, dancing etc) and war. He will be uncharitable. He will be brave but also acts as beggar.

When Mars in Virgo Native will be honorable man. He will not be so much rich. He will be fond of sexual entertainment. He will be inclination towards music. He will be soft in strength or behavior and sweet in speaking. He will have various kind of expenses and he doesn’t have enough strength or bravery. He will be scholar. He will be skilled in catching forward position. He will fear very much from his enemies. He will be experts in Ved, smiriti and will be religious. He will be experts in various kind of fine arts.  He will be very interested in  bathing and make-up etc. He will be glorious.

Mars in Virgo sign in birth chart produce a rich man who is honourable among good men. He will be gentle and having little valour. He will be found of nonsense. He will know sexual intercourse and music very well.  He will have many types of expenses. He will be suffering from stress regarding his acquisition of money. He will have to sacrifice and also inclined towards according circumstances. He will be teacher of smiriti and sruthi. He will have many skills. He will be a handsome man who is fond of bathing and anointing himself.

3) As Mars is placed in his enemy house so in general way it is not good for significant of Mars. Mars is also lagan lord of kalpurush and placed in 6th house of kalpurush so it may cause native may be suffering from fear and enemies. Native don’t have enough courageous and bravery. Native may be argumentive and quarrelsome but not so much inner strength.

4) Mars is karak of action and placed in duel sign so native may be very flexible in taking action. He may be moody or shy in taking any action.

5)Mars in Virgo may cause native may be not good in financial management. He may be suffering from financial crisis such as debit related issues.

6)Mars in Virgo indicating native may be suffering problems related to servants specially argument with them.

7)Mars in Virgo may cause cut in skin. Native may be facing skins related issues. Native may be facing liver related problems.

8)Mars in Virgo indicating native may be good in music, dancing, calculations.

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