Mars In Scorpion Sign

      Mars In Scorpion Sign

1)Before knowing effect of Mars in Scorpion Sign first we have to know about Mars and Scorpion the mystery sign . Scorpion is 8th house sign of kalpurush and Mars is placed here so you may read Mars in 8th house. Mars is lord of 1st and 8th house of kalpurush and it is placed in 8th house of kalpurush so you may read First house lord in 8th house and 8th house lord in 8th house.

2)Now let’s we learnt from astrological classical book regarding Mars in Scorpion Sign.

Brihat Jatakam
When Mars in Own house means either Aries or Scorpio native will be gets respect from king, he will be traveller,he will be Commender, he will be business man. He will be endowed with wealth. He will have cut mark on body, thief by nature and will gets pleasure in many matters.

When Mars in Scorpion Sign in birthchart native will be interested in business and sruti(vedic knowledge). He will be leader of thieves. He will be skillful in actions. He will be fond of wars and very sinful. He will be doing many crimes or big crimes. He will be very cruel regarding his enemies.
He will be dishonest by nature. He will be inclined towards killing. He will be talebearer. He will have such type mind through he try to damage others. He will be lord of land, sons and women. He will be suffering from poison, fire, weapons and wounds.

Mars in Scorpion Sign in birthchart indicating native may be evil man who practices falsehood. He have many injuries and involving in quarrels. He will be wicked man who have relationship with murderer and dangerous violence maker person. He doesn’t have good manners. He will be brave and knowledge of sruti and dharma.
He will be chief of gang of robbers. He will have desire of fighting and arrogant by nature. He will be cleaver in business and having terrible strength.  He have many cattle, land and excellent women. His body may be tormented by poison, fire and wounds due to sharp weapons.


3)Mars is karak of action and it is placed in Scorpion Sign so native may be involving in suspicious action and secret activities.

4)Mars who is karak of braveness placed in own house so native may be brave. But Scorpion is also consider negative sign of Mars so it is possible he shows his braveness in wrong direction. Such as native may be show his braveness in violence making, quarrel, fighting. It is also possible they are doing action emotionally.

5)Scorpion is a water sign and Mars is a firey planet so they  may be suffering from Pitta related disease. It may also cause hormonal problems related to sexual body parts or secret place. It may cause wounds in Sexual organs.

6)Mars in Scorpion Sign indicating native may have high sexual desires. Native may be blessed with materialistic happiness of worlds.

7) Mars as karak of siblings and placed in Scorpion indicating trouble through his siblings.

8)In kalpurush chart Mars in Scorpion Sign indicating Sarala Viparit Rajyyog so Mars in Scorpion Sign indicating native may be blessed with different types of materialistic happiness. He will be knowledgeable. He gets happiness of sons.

9)Mars in Scorpion Sign indicating native may be suffering from blaming regarding siblings or sexual matters, or due to sinful acts.

10)Mars in Scorpion Sign indicating native may be speculative. He may gets money through illegal way. He may be suffering from fire, poison, thief etc. Mars in Scorpion Sign indicating native may be false speaker.

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