Mars In Aquarius Sign

        Mars In Aquarius Sign

1)Before knowing effect of Mars in Aquarius Sign first we have to know about Mars and Aquarius Sign. As Mars is placed in 11th house of kalpurush so you may read Mars in 11th house. Mars as lord of 1st and 8th house placed in 11th house so you may read First house lord in 11th house and 8th house lord in 11th house.

2)Now let’s we learnt from different classical book regarding Mars in Aquarius Sign

Brihat Jatakam
When Mars in Aquarius Sign in birthchart native will be always suffering from sorrows. He will be poor. He will be fond of travel. He will be false speaker. He will be cruel or having hot tempered.

If Mars in Aquarius Sign in birthchart native will be not have happiness of affection and will be impure by mentality. He will be looks like Old man. He get miserable condition at end of life. He will have enmity, jealousy, and falsehood disposition.
He will have hairy body skin. He will lose his money in gambling. He will not well dressed. He will have such type of profession which is full with sorrow. He will be interested in drinking and will be misfortunate.

Moon in Aquarius Sign indicating a native who’s body is deformed and dressed badly and looking ugly.  He will be such type of man who playing blaming game, shows jeliousy, speaking falsely and doing fraudulent activities. He will always suffering from blaming and his money may be stolen.
Native will have erect body hair. He have a very harsh manner. He will be found of drinking and don’t have courtesy and purity. He will be looks like Old man and gets miserable death at end of life. He will gets money from gambling but don’t able to hording wealth.


3)Mars is karak of action and it is placed in Aquarius Sign so native action’s may be very materialistic. He may be shameless regarding money matters.

4)Mars is karak of strength and it is placed in his enemy sign so he may be strength full but It may be possible he is using his strength or action in negative way. Such as his actions may be sinful and not regarding social faith.

5)Aquarius Sign is 11th house of kalpurush and Mars as tamsic planet placed here so native desires may be tamsic by nature. He may be sensual, drinker, wicked desires.

6) Mars is lagnesh of kalpurush and placed in 11th house of kalpurush which is also enemy sign and also badhak for kalpurush lagan so it may cause trouble from enemies, weak health and suffering from mental stress.

7)Mars is also 8th lord of kalpurush so Mars in Aquarius Sign indicating native may be speculative. He may make money through real estate.

8)Aquarius sign is not feeling comfortable as occupied a enemy so its impact native profit making capacity. Mars is also 8th house lord of kalpurush so it may also indicating problems in money making. Apart from kaam kona of kalpurush Mars in Aquarius Sign may cause problems regarding Sexual organs.

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