Fifth House Lord In Fourth House

      5th house Lord in 4th house


1)Before knowing effect of 5th house Lord in 4th house we have to know about Fifth house and Fourth house. As 5th house lord is placed 12th from own house so you can read First house lord in 12th house.

2) 5th Lord is placed 12th from own house and making 2-12th relationship but it is not considered bad. Because it makes relationship with Vishnu(Kendra) house and Laxmi (Trine) house which is one of the best combination of horoscope. One other thoughts is 5th house carry past life good deeds and it is placed on current life happiness house which indicating native enjoying happiness in current life due to past life good deeds. Whatever the cause but it is one of the best auspicious position of 5th Lord.

3)4th house belong to materialistic happiness of native and 5th Lord is placed here so native enjoying a lots of happiness. Native have many servants to serve him. Native have happiness of vehicle and property. But if 5th Lord is not in good condition in 4th house and natural karak of happiness/vehicle/property is also affiliated then it may cause problems related to such matters. Other wise 5th Lord in 4th is consider good regarding luxurious life.

4)5th Lord is belong to children and its Lord in 12th house from 5th is not considered good regarding children. A well placed 5th Lord indicating native may have few children. It is also talking in classical book more chance to give delay in childbirth or having more girl child. If 5th Lord is heavily affiliated then native may not have child and he adopt a child.

5)4th house is belong to education and 5th Lord belong to knowledge so 5th Lord in 4th house is consider very good regarding study. Native is very intelligences in study and very knowledgeable in his study stream. Native use study knowledge to gets success in his life. Native may be teacher or guru. As 5th house belong to veda  and shastra so 5th Lord in 4th house indicating native may study Ved and such type knowledgeable holi books. And native gets good knowledge in this spiritual books.

6)5th house belong to advice so its Lord in 4th house indicating native may be advisor of authority or government organizations. Native may be head of any organization specially government or reputed firm. Native have good social status in society.

7)4th house belong to mind and 5th house belong to temper so 5th Lord in 4th house indicating native may be kind in nature and may be some time emotional. But native may suffering from inner fighting of own thoughts. Native may be religious or spiritual from mind.

8)When 4th Lord with 5th Lord  in 4th house it makes a very auspicious Dharma Karma adhipati yog. So native gets a lots of happiness of life. Native may achieve good success in his life. Native gets happiness of vehicle . it may possible he have more than one vehicle. Native may gets happiness from authority. If both planet having enough strength then native gets huge fame. Native may gets political power and gets good status in his own country. But if not well placed then native may suffering trouble through government or authority.

9)If you want to know about effect of different planet in 4th house you may read Planet in 4th house.

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