Fifth House Lord In Tenth House

Effect Of 5th house lord in 10th house

1) Before knowing the effect of 5th house lord in 10th house we have to know about Tenth House and Fifth house. As 5th house lord is placed 6th from own house, so you may read First house lord in 6th house.

2) 5th house lord in 10th house is considered very auspicious due to making relationship between Laxmi sthan(Trine house) and Vishnu sthana(Kendra house).

3)5th house is house of past life good deeds and 10th house is our karma house. So we can say that native is born to do his pending karma in which he will get help through his past life good deeds. Native will be enjoying good fruits of his past life in this current life.

4) 10th house belong to profession. When 5th house lord placed in 10th house than native may get success in his life path and professional life. Native may achieve peak position in his professional life because he will get blessing by his past life good deeds. Overall in kalpurush horoscope, Sun is 5th house lord and it is considered very auspicious in Capricorn sign (tenth house of kalpurush). So we are considering 5th house lord in 10th house is very auspicious. Native may get lots of good opportunity to become successful in his professional life. But as 10th is karma house, so native may has to do own karma for getting success because without doing karma he doesn’t get easy success. But native must get success when he is doing his own karma.

5)5th house is dharma house and 10th house is karma house. When 5th house lord in 10th house than native may doing religious work. Native may be priest or pandit. Native may be working for religious organizations or trust. If horoscope support than native may be head of any cultural institutions. Native may be protector of religion through his Karma. 5th house is house for Mantra, so native may be working as mantra related profession. 5th house lord in 10th house is indicating, native may be working as medical professionals such as doctor or other medical facility etc( because 5th house lord of kalpurush in 10th house indicating native may be related to medical field).

6)5th house lord in 10th house may cause problems for children because 10th house is 6th from 5th house. But 5th house lord in 10th house may be indicating native must have at least a son who is doing his kriya karam (our traditional rituals perform after death). If 5th house lord is not well placed then his children may be suffering from health problems. Native’s children may live away from him. If 5th house lord is heavily affiliated by marak planet then death of children is possible. If well placed then native’s children may brings good name & fame for his family means children may be just like “Kuldeepak”.

7)5th house belong to mentality. When 5th house lord placed in 10th house than native may strictly follow manner and conduct of society. Native may be very practical and little arrogant. He will stand on religion or rightness.

8) 5th house lord in 10th house is indicating, native may get good name & fame in society. Native may be assumed very knowledgeable in society. Native may has good social conduct.

9)10th house belong to kingdom and 5th house belong to ministership, so if 5th house lord is well placed in 10th house then native may be advisor or minister of government or authority or big & famous organizations.

10)If 5th house lord in 10th house than native may get parental property or wealth.

11)When 5th house lord with 10th house lord in 10th house is making rajyog. So, native may get power or authority or ministerial post or become head in any organization. Native may get huge success in his professional life. Native may be getting blessing by government. Native may be active in politics and get success in politics. Native may earn a lots of wealth & money. Native may be involving in speculation and gets success. Overall good name & fame is indicating by this combination.

13)If you want to know about effect of planet in 10th house than you may read Planet in 10th house.

5th house lord in 10th house according to classical book of astrology  

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra 

When 5th house lord in 10th house, then it is a Rajyog. He has happiness of children. He will enjoy many sorts of happiness. He will be very famous person.

Vriddha Yavanajataka 

When 5th house lord goes to 10th house than native will be equal to king or doing job for king. He will be getting profit from king. He will be doing rightness acts. He will be very reputed person. He will be accumulating many sorts of comfort for his mother.

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