Fifth House Lord In Eleventh House

Effect Of 5th House Lord In 11th house 

1) Before knowing the effect of 5th house lord in 11th house, we have to know about Fifth House and Eleventh House. As 5th house lord placed 7th from 5th house so you may read First house lord in 7th house.

2) 5th house belongs to past life good deeds and 11th house belongs to desires. So, 5th house lord in 11th house is indicating native may be getting success to fulfill his desires or easily fulfill his desires. So we can consider rajyog for materialistic desires.

3)11th house is a upachaya house. When 5th house lord placed in 11th house then we can say natural significant of 5th house will improved. 5th house belong to intelligence, so native may has good intelligence. Native may has good knowledge. If horoscope allow than native may be religious and spiritual personality. Native may has many children.

4) 11th house belong to profit and 5th house belong to mentality, so when 5th house lord placed in 11th house than native may be purely profit making mentality. He may be always able to find profit in any situation. For example, native may be very intelligent, so he may apply his sharp mind to make profit from his tips and tricks. Native may has good knowledge, so he may use his knowledge to making money. Means native may be fully able to use his knowledge in his profession. He may be money minded.

5)5th house belong to speculation, so 5th house lord in 11th house is indicating native may get profit  through speculations. So, native may get success in his business or native may inclination towards doing business. Native may has more than one business or multiple source of income.

6)As native may be able to make money, so native may be wealthy and rich or financially sound.

7)5th house belong to mantra and veda & vedanga knowledge or any type of vidya or unique qualities. So, when 5th house lord placed in 11th house than native may be able to make money through his unique qualities or mastership. So, native may be use his mantra or yantra knowledge or religious knowledge or whatever vidhya (in which he is expert) to make money.

8) If 5th house lord is well placed in 11th house then native may be long lived. Native may get good name & fame.

9)5th house lord in 11th house may be one of indication of love marriage also depending on other matters. It may be indication of more than one affairs. My simple point is 5th house belong to love and 11th house is belong to desires. But for dual marriage or love marrige others catalyst such as Venus, 7th house lord, Mars, Rahu etc.

10) 5th house lord with 11th house lord in 11th house is one of biggest dhanyog (wealth making combination) in a horoscope. Native may be very rich and wealthy. Native may make huge profits through his profession. Native may get profit from elder siblings. Native may able to make profit through government or authority or may be blessing by government. Native may become famous.

11)If you want to know more about effect of planet in 11th house than you may read Planet in 11th house.

5th house lord in 11th house according to classical book of astrology 

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra 

When 5th house lord in 11th house, native may be scholar & very popular and dear to public. He may be writer of awesome books. He may be very skillful. He may has many children and many sorts of Wealth.

Vriddha Yavanajataka 

When 5th house lord in 11th house, Native may be very brave. He may has best children. He will be enjoying fruits of good deeds and very famous. He may be enjoying happiness of music etc. He may be very dear to king.

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  1. What if fifth house lord mercury combusted in eleventh house Sagittarius and aspected by Jupiter from seventh house Simha sir.

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