First House Lord In Seventh House

Effect of 1st house lord in 7th house  

1)Before knowing the effect of 1st house lord in 7th house we have to know about First house and Seventh House .

2)7th house is belong to relationship with others. When lagnesh is placed in 7th house, native may be self lover or self centered. Native likes to promote own self. Native loves to talk about own self. Or native may always busy in own self. He doesn’t care other feelings. He doesn’t respect others values. Some time native likes to live alone. It may cause for sanyas yog or detachment by materialistic world depending on horoscope.

3) Lagnesh in 7th house is indicating native may be independent thinker or independent lover. He doesn’t like if any body imposed their thoughts on him.

4) When Lagnesh is placed in 7th house, it may possible native may marrying within close family circle.

5)1st house lord in 7th house may cause trouble in marriage relationship due to ego between husband and wife. Native may be control by his wife’s parents.

6)If 7th house is afflicted due to placement of Lagnesh then it may cause for death of wife. If not afflicted then native may has more than one marriage or relationship.

7)7th house belongs to social image and name & fame so when Lagnesh is placed in 7th house native may has good social image. It may possibility native may getting good name and fame.

8) 7th house shows far away place from birthplace or foreign place so when Lagnesh is placed in 7th house, native may be traveling a lots. Actually 7th house is one of the Travel house in our horoscope. So when Lagnesh is placed in 7th house, native may live away from birth place. So native will go to foreign travel or live in foreign place depending on horoscope. If 7th house has movable sign then native may go far away place from his birthplace. If 7th house has fixed sign then native goes medium distance from his birthplace. But if 7th house has duel sign then may be possible go for foreign place. As 3rd and 9th house also belongs to travel house so if Lagnesh in 7th house is making relationship with 3rd and 9th lords then native may be settled in foreign place. If in this yuti 12th lord is also involving than native definitely settled abroad.

9)When Lagnesh in 7th house has combination with Sun then it give impact on native’s sexual power.
Or native doesn’t has so much interested in sexual activity. Native may be egoistic and having issues in his marriage life due to ego.

10) When Lagnesh in 7th house has combination with Moon then native may be dear to everyone. Native has some women nature in his quality but native may be broad minded. But if moon is debilitated then it may impact native’s mental conditions.

11) When Lagnesh in 7th house has combination with Mars then native has good physical strength. Also it may cause for manglik dosha .

12)When Lagnesh with Mercury then native may has artistic quality but native may be revenge taking mentalities.

13)When Lagnesh with Jupiter then native may be religious and kind.

14) When Lagnesh with Venus then native may be looking beautiful and enjoying sexual pleasure but wife’s health may be down.

15) When Lagnesh with Saturn then native will be natural leader. Native may be in politics. But native may has late marriage or trouble in marriage life or marriage happiness. Native’s health may also be weak.

16) When Lagnesh with Rahu or Ketu, Native’s marriage life may be suffering. It may cause health problems. It may be indication Native may be become surgeon or suffering from surgery.

17)As 7th house is Marak house so if Lagnesh is afflicted in 7th house it may be not good regarding life span or vitality of native. Native may has health problems.

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