Moon In First House For Gemini Ascendant

Moon in 1st house in Gemini sign for Gemini Ascendant 

1) Before knowing the effect of Moon in Gemini sign for Gemini ascendant, we have to know about Moon in 1st house, Moon in Gemini sign and 2nd house lord in 1st house.

2) Native may be smart in looking. He has elevated nose. His physique may attract opposite gender. He may be talkative. He may be dual minded. He may has doutable nature.

3)Native may be wealthy or assumed wealthy. He may accumulate wealth via own efforts and wisdom. He may be selfish regarding money matters. He may be very sensitive for own wealth.

4) Native may be fickle minded. He may be emotional. Native may be pleasant by nature. He may be romantic. Some time he shows wandering attitude. He may be skillful in various sorts of arts. He has flirting nature.

5)Native may be pleasant in speaking. He doesn’t believe in fighting. He will try settle down any matters. He may be intelligent in communications. He may be friendly in behaviors.

6) Native will be kind in show off. He may be shameless in self promotions. He may be inclinations towards materialistic happiness. He may enjoying luxurious comforts. He doesn’t like physical work out.

7)Native may be suffering from cough & cold related issues. He may be suffering from any breathing issues or lungs related issues. Native may be suffering from any blood related issues. He has fear from his enemy. If Moon is not well placed then health related issues may be possible.

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