Moon In Second House For Gemini Ascendant

Moon in 2nd house in Cancer sign for Gemini Ascendant 

1) Before knowing impact of Moon in 2nd house in Cancer sign for Gemini ascendant, we have to know about Moon in 2nd house, Moon in cancer sign and 2nd house lord in 2nd house.

2) Native may be charming and handsome. He has fair look. He may be active in nature but shows his aggressiveness. His body language shows their aggressiveness.

3) Native has good oral knowledge. He may be shows their respective ways in speaking. He may be not stand on his words. He may be unsocial in speaking or may be less speaking. He may capable to use his words in accumulating wealth.

4) Native may has good family life. He has large family. He may be in his family business. He may follow his family traditions. Native has good comforts of foods.

5) Native may has sound financial condition. If moon has good Pakshbal then native may be wealthy and rich. But according to moon nature his financial condition may some time up and some time down or we can simply says unstable financial conditions. He may be accumulate good agriculture land.

6) Native may be sensual by nature. He may be under control of his wife. He has good passions. He may be fickle minded.

7) Native may be kind and helpful. He may getting help of his friends. He may be sattvic from brains. He has good comfort. He has good name and fame.

8) Native may has some sorts of artistic talents. He may be emotional. He may be fickle minded.

9) If moon is not well placed then suffering from cough and cold related issues. It may cause eye sight related issues.

10) If you want to know more about Gemini Ascendant, You can read this link.

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