Seventh House Lord In Twelfth House

7th house Lord in 12th house


1) Before knowing effect of 7th house Lord in 12th house we have to know about Twelve House and Seventh house. As 7th house Lord placed 6th from own house you may read First house lord in 6th house.

2) According to a anicient classical book of astrology sage suggested that

दारेशे व्ययगे जातो दरिद्रः कृपणोअपि वा।
भार्याअपि व्ययशीलाअ्स्य वस्त्राजीवी नरो भवेत्।।

General meaning of this shlok is when 7th Lord goes to 12th house native is cheap regarding expense but his wife is expensive. Native live hood will be related to clothes.

3)As 7th house Lord placed 6th from own house and making 6th-8th relationship with 12th house which is not consider good relationship in vedic astrology.

4) 7th house belong to life partner or wife and 12th house belong to expense so 7th house Lord in 12th house indicating native wife may be expensive in nature or native may have to expense on matters relating to wife. It may also indicating expense through wife. As sage suggested native may be miser but wife is expensive.

5)7th house Lord placed in 12th house which is a dussthan and 7th house is a marak house so its Lord placed in 12th house indicating 7th house Lord gaining its marak capacity as results of improving evil nature of 7th house. So a ill placed 7th house may cause death of wife. Otherwise wise it is indicating wife may be Sicky and suffering from disease. If this combination is marak for native then it cause death of native in hospital, or during traveling or in a place which is very far away from birthplace because 7th house and 12th house both is belong to Travel house and forigen land. It may also cause dispute with wife or separation with wife.

6)12th house belong to foreign and 7th house belong to wife so it may possible wife may be from far away place or from other cultures or other circumstances. It may also possible wife may be from lower standard or have low quality regarding morality.

7)7th house belong to kaam house(Sexual enjoyment) and 12th house is Moksh house (pleasure)/so as it is making 6th-8th relationship so it may indicating native don’t have so much satisfaction regarding his Sexual pleasure or having cause imbalance in Sexual relationship. So it may cause unsatisfactory relationship with his wife ( if 7th Lord is Venus or Venus is in 12th house results may be good regarding Sexual relationship because Venus is excellent in 12th house of kalpurush). Native may inclination towards establish relationships with other women which may be from bad culture or having immoral status in society. It may also cause more than one marriage although native haven’t marriage happiness.

8)12th house and 7th house both are travel house so 7th house Lord in 12th house may cause travel to a forigen country or lives in forigen place. As 7th house is bhavat bhavam of 10th house regarding profession so native may go forigen for his live hood. Native may have financial crisis or may be poor. According to sage it may cause native may doing business of clothes for his live hood.

9)12th house belong to sleeping as its occupy 8th house Lord from own house so it may cause problems related to sleeping so native may be facing sleeplessness. Native may have not good habits regarding fooding.

10)When 7th Lord with 12th Lord in 12th house it may cause both lives in forigen country or traveling to forigen place. Native may be gets spiritual inclnation. If not well placed then both couples involving in immoral acts depending on planet natural significant.

11)If you want to know about effect of different planet in 12th house you may read Planet in 12th house.

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  1. Karkit lagna
    7 lord shani in 12 house with gulika mithun rashi.
    12 lord is in 4 house with sun mercury bhuda tula rashi

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