Seventh House Lord In Tenth House

7th house Lord in 10th house


1)Before knowing effect of 7th house Lord in 10th house we have to know about Seventh House and Tenth House. As 7th house Lord is placed 4th house away from own house so you may read First House lord in 4th house.

2)According to a anicient classical book of astrology sage suggested that

दारेशे कर्मभावस्थे नास्य जाया वशाानुगा।
स्वयं धर्मरतो जातो धनपुत्राविसंयुतः।।

General meaning of this shlok is when 7th house Lord is placed in 10th house his wife not in under control of native. Native may be Inclination towards religion. Native will have blessed with wealth and sons.

3)7th house is 10th from 10th house means bhavat bhavam Lord for 10th house so when 7th Lord placed in 10th house it is consider good regarding 10th house because it is giving strength to 10th house.

4)10th house is karam house for native so 10th house become powerful means native is always active regarding his karam or professional life. Native may be achieve good success in his professional life. Native may be leader in his professional working place. If any yogkarak planet or benific in relationship with this combination then native may be creating a markable postion in his working area and gets a good name and fame.

5)7th house belong to his wife and 10th house belong to profession of native so It may be possible Native wife may be helpful in his professional life. Native may gets earning through his wife. It may also indicating native wife is independent and having bold personality. Native may gets happiness through his wife but it may also possible she interfere in native professional life (which is indicating by great sage).

6)7th house Lord in 10th house native may have good wealth and may also have son who is doing his vedic kriya karam after death of native. Native may have a good social image in society. It may also possible Native is long lived.

7)7th house belong to far away place from birthplace and 10th house is karam house so 7th Lord in 10th house indicating native may be going to forigen place for working purpose. It may also possible native may lives away from his mother town for his profession. Native may be successful in forigen place or his source of earning belong to foreign place. Native may have good fame in forigen or far away place from birthplace.

8)7th house belong to politics  and when 7th Lord placed in 10th house native is politically active. Native may have good intentions in politics. If horoscope support native gets good success in politics. Otherwise it is indicating profit obtaining through Government or authority.

9)If 7th house Lord in not well placed in 10th house above good results may be decreasing.

10)When 7th house Lord with 10th house Lord in 10th house native may gets good name and fame in society. Native is kind and gets very good success in his professional life. Native wife is religious and honorable. Native is rich and wealthy.

11) If you want to know about effect of different planet in 10th house you may read Planet in 10th house.

One thought on “Seventh House Lord In Tenth House

  1. I’m surprised. Maybe, your English is erraneously written to a small extent but I appreciate the depth of knowledge you have. Very few people can say exact precise things like you. 7th house truly represents politics (if the chart favors it, especially rahu). It also represents open conflict, coworkers, mass fame, public other than you. You’ve written it in a nice way. Most astrologers just say that 7th house represents wife and 10th house represents jobs. Well done. We need more people like you.

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