Seventh House Lord In Ninth House

Effect of 7th house lord in 9th house

1)Before knowing the effect of 7th house lord in 9th house, we have to know about Seventh house and Ninth house. As 7th house lord placed 3rd from own house, so you may read First house lord in 3rd house.

2) 7rd house lord in 9th house is not consider so much good. 9th house is most auspicious dharma trikona and 7th house is more powerful kaam trikona. As per as our social believe any kaam trikona lord placed in dharma trikona is not consider good. We can say like that, native may be away from Dharma and inclined towards Kaam. But in modern day of conception, it is not consider so much bad by Public.

3) 9th house belong to father and 7th house belong to marak, so if 7th house lord is not well placed then it may cause marak for father. His father may be suffering from health problems. It may also possible native may be separation from his father. If well placed then his father may lives far away place or foreign place because 7th house belong to far away place from native’s birthplace. His father may get success in foreign place. But if 9th house is weak in strength and 7th lord affiliated by functional malefic than not consider good for life span of father. If well placed than his father may be wealthy and rich.

4)7th house belong to wife. When 7th house lord placed in 9th house, native’s wife may be good. His wife may be religious and rituals following lady. Native may get her suggestions and help of his wife, to getting success in life by right way means his wife may become good guide for him. Native may be fortunate after marriage or his wife may comes with fortune. But if 7th house lord in 9th house is not well placed and affiliated by malefic than it may be destroying happiness and pleasures of marriage life. Native may be facing quarrel in his marriage life. If badly affiliated then it may cause separation. Actually 7th house lord in 9th house must be in good condition for happy marriage life.

5)9th house is bhavat bhavam for 5th house regarding children and 7th house is marak for native and 3rd from 5th house. So, 7th house lord in 9th house is not consider good regarding children. It may be effect badly on children’s health. If Jupiter is also not in good position and 5th house lord also affiliated then it may be very negative results regarding children.

6) 7th house is a kaam kona and 9th house is our morality house. So, it may be possible, native doesn’t has a good moral character regarding sexual conduct. As 7th house is kaam house and 9th house is fortune house, so it may native may be fortunate regarding sexual matters. That’s why sage suggested native may be enjoying union of many women. Overall native may has good sexual power and stamina because 7th lord placed in 3rd from own house.

7)7th house and 9th house both are Travel house in a horoscope. 9th house belongs to long travel and 7th house belongs to travel to far away place or foreign place. When 7th house lord in 9th house than native may go to foreign place or far away form birthplace. Native may get fortune at foreign land. Native may go for religious travel or travel for study purpose or for business purposes.

8)7th house lord in 9th house is not consider good regarding mental peace. Native may has restless mind and suffering from mental stress.

9)When 7th house lord placed with 9th house lord than it may make a simple raj yoga due to combination of Kendra and Trikona. So, if 7th house lord is well placed than native may be fortunate after marriage. He may also get money from marriage. Native may accumulate huge wealth (consider kalpurush chart, where it is combination of Jupiter and Venus which a good yoga for wealth). Native may be religious person and visited religious place and give good donation for religious purpose. Native’s wife may be truth full and honest. Native may be get good success in foreign place. Native may get good name and fame. But if this combination is not well placed then his wife is not good and creating problem for native. Native has many wrong desires and involving in activity for full fill this.

10) If you want to know the effect of different planet in 9th house, you may read Planet in 9th house.

7th house lord in 9th house according to classical book of Astrology

Brihat Parashar Hora Shastra

दारेशे धर्मभावस्थे नानास्त्रीभिः समागमः।
जाया हृतमना जातो बह्वारम्भकरो नरः।।

When 7th house lord in 9th house then native may has happiness through many women. He may be defeat by woman. He will be doing acts which may be milestone for society.

Vriddha Yavanajataka

When 7th house lord in 9th house, then Native will be charming and famous. He has best conduct. He may be pleasant in nature. If 7th house lord is natural malefic then he may be looking like a transgender. If lagnesh is aspecting 7th house lord then he will be looks like tapasvi.

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  2. Hello sir, thanks a lot for the knowledge you have shared with us. But I have a problem. My ascendant is a Capricorn. My 7th house & 9th house replaced by their houses. So what would be the consequences? Should I wear a pearl & emerald?
    Waiting for your reply…

  3. Hello sir my name is Archana
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    1. Mam it is not advisable to give your astrological details like this in public.
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      So kindly send it directly to the Astrologer.

  4. What if there is an exchange of 7th and 9th lords for a Taurus ascendant? What yoga does it create? Is it auspicious or inauspicious?

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