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Seventh House Lord In Eleventh House

7th house Lord in 11th house


1)Before knowing effect of 7th house Lord in 11th house we have to know about Seventh house and Eleventh house. As 7th lord is placed 5th from own house so you may read First house lord in 5th house.

2) According to a anicient classical book of astrology sage suggested that

दारेशे लाभभावस्थे दारैरर्थ समागमः।
पुत्रादिसुखमल्पं च जनः कन्याप्रजो भवेत् ।।

General meaning of this shlok is if 7th house Lord is placed in 11th house native may be gain wealth through his wife but may have less happiness of sons etc. Native may have daughter as children.

3)11th house is upachay house so when 7th Lord is placed in 11th house then 7th house Lord improve its natural significant. And planet who is 7th Lord also improve there natural significant.

4) 7th house is belong to kaam kona and 11th house is also kaam kona and upachay house so 7th house Lord in 11th house make native more Sexual. Native is naturally capable to attracting other gender. 7th house is also belong to marriage so 7th lord in 11th house indicating it may possible more than one marriage. Or it may also possible native have many affairs or relationship with many women.

5)11th house is house of profit and 7th house belong to marriage or wife so 7th Lord in 11th house indicating native may be get wealth through marriage. Native may be gets wealth or may be fortunate regarding earning after marriage. Native wife may be from rich family. Native may earn with help of his wife or native wife may be a working women or earning women. Native wife may be from relative family such as family belong to elder brother or Mamaji.

6)7th house is belong to partnership or bhavat bhavam of professional house so 7th Lord placed in profit house indicating native may gets profit in partnership business. It may also indicating native may be get success in his profession regarding money making. 7th house also belong to women so native may earn profit with help of women or native may have profit of women. Native may be earning from forigen place or far away place.

7)7th house is also marak so 7th house Lord placed in 11th house improving marak capacity of 7th Lord. Again 11th house is house of happiness regarding lifespan (ayu) so as a marak 7th Lord in 11th house effect native life span. So if 7th house Lord is not well placed in 11th house it may cause reduction of life span according to its marak strength. Otherwise it may cause health problems to native.

8) 7th house Lord in 11th house aspects on 5th house so it gives impact on 5th house. As 7th house is dussthan for 5th house so its aspects in general way not consider good regarding child birth. According to sage it may cause birth of girl child. It may also cause evil related to sons. But if well placed then native have very good son. This good son may very helpful regarding his earning and professional life.

9)11th house belong to elder brother and 7th house is 9th from 11th house so if well placed then native elder brother is very fortunate but if not well placed then it may be cause marak for elder brother.

10) When 7th Lord with 11th house Lord in 11th house native is very wealthy. Native may get huge success in his professional life and may be gets a profitable Partner including business partner. Native may be expanding his business in very faraway place up to his birthplace or in forigen. If not well placed then not good for elder brother or native life span or general health.

11) If you want to know about effect of planet in 11th house you may read Planet in 11th house.

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