Moon In Eleventh House For Virgo Ascendant

Moon in 11th house in Cancer Sign For Virgo Ascendant

1) Before knowing the effect of Moon in 11th house in Cancer sign for Virgo ascendant we have to know about Moon in 11th house, Moon in Cancer sign and 11th house lord in 11th house.

2) Native may be charming in look. Native may be brave and kind. He may be jolly minded. He has royal behavior. He may be liberal and helpful in nature. He may be sattvic from mind.

3) Native may be intelligent and having sharp mind. He may be peaceful from mind. He may be skillful in nature. Native may be money minded. He may be active from mind. His body shows some motions.

4) Native may be rich and wealthy. He has multiple source of earnings. He may be getting easy success in his life regarding profit making. He may be successful in his profession regarding earning purpose. He has very good materialistic success.

5) Native has good friends circle. He may be getting help of his friends circle in his earnings. He may be popular among his friends circle. He has happiness of friends and relatives.

6) Native has good name and fame. He has good reputation. His most of desires may be full filled. He may be travel lover.

7) Native has good happiness through children. He has many children. He has good attachment with wife.

8) His elders may be successful and famous. Native may gets help of his elders in his life. Native has good relationship with elders.

9) Native may be emotional and short tamper in nature. He may be moody in nature. He may be arrogant. He may be suffering from cold and cough related issues. He may be hardworking person.

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