Moon In Fifth House For Cancer Ascendant

Moon in 5th house in Scorpion sign for Cancer Ascendant 

1)Before knowing the effect of Moon in 5th house in Scorpion sign for Cancer Ascendant we have to know about Moon in 5th house, Moon in Scorpion sign and 1st house lord in 5th house.

2) Native will be brave and sincerer in behavior. He may honest and truthful. He may be emotional and sensitive. He may be timid in nature. He may be volatile in nature. He may be kind and liberal in nature.

3) Here moon as a lagan lord and debilitated in 5th house. So we can say native has some pending karma in previous life which has to fullfill in this life. So native has to work hard and suffering from many sorts of struggles in this life.

4) Native may be shameless. He may be rough in speech. He may be harsh in behaviors. He may be suspicious in nature. He has lack of satisfactions. He may be soft from inner heart but shows harsh behaviors from outer heart. He has good passions. He may be jealous in nature.

5) Native has hidden knowledge. Native has knowledge of mysteries vidhya. Native has knowledge of mantra. Native will go for religious travels. Native has interested in speculations. He has sharp sense.

6)Native may has some sort of issues regarding child birth. Native may has some sort of issues with children. He may has girl children. His kids is more famous than his father.

7) Native has good learning capacity. But it is always doubt that native will complete his learning’s. He has good imaginations capacity so may be good in creative work.

8) Native may be work in any good post. His professional life may be unstable.He may be shameless in promoting own self.

9) Native may be easily to turn serious. He may be short temper. He may be revenge taker. He may be prove very dangerous enemy. He may be sensual. He may be suffering from cold and cough. He may be suffering from weak health and his internal immunity system is weak. He may be suffering from digestive issues. He may be suffering from issues regarding bloods.

10) If you want to know more about Cancer Ascendant then read this link.

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