Moon In Eleventh House For Cancer Ascendant

Moon in 11th house in Taurus sign for Cancer Ascendant

1) Before knowing the impact of Moon in 11th house in Taurus sign for Cancer Ascendant we have to know about Moon in 11th house, Moon in Taurus sign and 1st house lord in 11th house.

2) Native is kind hearted. Native is practical from mind. He has very good passions. He will be jolly minded. But he is rigid minded and doesn’t forget his enemies. He has tendency to take revenge at appropriate time.

3) Native has good personality. He will be looking charming and small eyes just like bull. He is very hard working person. He has good physical attractions.

4) He may be rich and wealthy. He has good materialistic happiness.He has good earnings. He has materialist approach towards life. He will be money minded and shameless in profit making. He will be earn via own efforts. He will be fulfill all his desires. He will be success in his own attempts and success in his business.

5) He will be good orator. He has good oral knowledge. He has very good commands on words and know how to use perfect words on right time and right place. Even he can use this capacity to make money. He may be making profit from foreign sources and government.

6) He has good mental stability. He will be brave minded. He will be extremely independent minded. He will be intelligent. He may be peaceful from mind.

7) He has good friends circle. He can able to make profit from friends circle. He has good name and fame. He has victory over his enemies. He will get higher post and awards.

8) Native may be long lived. He may be karta of his family. He has responsibility of his family. He has kind and royal behaviors. He doesn’t expense unnecessary. He may be suffering from kapha related dosh.

9) Native has many children. He has good happiness from children. He has good relationship with his kids. He has good relationship with his elders. His elders brother will be fortunate.

10) If you want to know more about Cancer ascendant then you can read this link.

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