First House Lord In Eleventh House

     1st House Lord In 11th House

1)Before knowing effect of 1st lord in 11th house we have to know about Tanu Bhav and 11th house – Profit House .

2) 11th house is upachaya  house so placement of Laganesh in 11th house is indicating lagan may getting strength. If Laganesh is well placed then definitely native has long lived if it is weak then it may be cause problems for lifespan.


3) 11th house belongs to profit house so laganesh in 11th house is indicating native may has profit making approach regarding life or in simple word native has materialistic approach for life path.  Native has naturally skilled in making profit from any way. Actually native is shameless in making profit. If native is doing business then native may always gets profit from business. Well placed laganesh is indicating native gets huge profit.

4)Laganesh in 11th house is indicating native may gets success in his life. He may gets good growth in life. Native may earn good wealth and become rich. Native may getting all materialistic happiness. Actually 11th house is house of desire so laganesh in 11th house is indicating native may fulfilled all his desires.

5)11th houses also belongs to awards and prize so laganesh in 11th house is indicating native may win any prize. It may also indicating native may gets Name and Fame.

6) 11th house belongs to elder brother so laganesh in 11th house is indicating native may earn profit from his elder brother. Or elder brother works under him. Or  even native is not elder though native may be involving duty like elders for family. If laganesh and 11th house is afflicted then it may cause problems with elder siblings.

7) Laganesh in 11th house may also cause for a lots of desires. And some of his desires may be hidden type. So it may be cause for mental stress .As 11th house is Bhavat Bhavam for 6th house so laganesh in 11th house is also indicating trouble from enemy.

8) Laganesh in 11th house is indicating native may gets success in his own industry or own business. Native does not suffering from financial crisis.

9)If Laganesh in 11th house become debilitated or with enemy sign or enemy planet then it makes trouble to gets good results of 11th house. Native may has problems with his elders or elder may face problems. It may also cause for wealth problems, health problems or mental problems.

10) Laganesh in 11th house with natural malefic is indicating native may gets all sorts of materialistic happiness. It is good regarding materialistic  gain or profit. But health may be down.

11) If Laganesh in 11th house is very strong then native is extremely independent thinker. He does not care any body thought. In simple word native doesn’t like to control by any one.  Native doesn’t expense unnecessary way. He has good control over sexual matters. Native does not has any sleeping problems. If Laganesh is afflicted in 11th then good results decrease.

12)When Laganesh placed with 11th lord then native gets huge profit in his professional life. Native may fulfill all his desire. Native may be kind hearted and having good nature . Native may gets victory over his enemy.

13) If you want to know about effect of planet in 11th house you may read Planet In 11th House .

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