Phaldipika Chapter 16 Part 3

10) When the 4th house lord goes to dussthan and Moon will be also placed in dussthan and not associated or aspected by benifical planet, or 4th house lord and Moon in paap karti and aspected by natural malific planet then his mother may be died.

If both 4th house lord and Moon is strong, aspected by natural beneficial planet, associated with natural beneficial planet, 4th house has natural beneficial planet then native has happiness of his mother. If 4th from Moon has natural benifical then native has also happiness of Mother.

11) If lagnesh in 4th house and 4th house lord in lagan or both are aspecting lagan or both is associated with Moon then native will do funeral rites of his mother.

If both lagan lord and 4th house lord is placed enemy house to each other or debilitating or 6th or 8th house to each other or in 6th or 8th house then native will do insulate of his mother.

If both lagan lord and 4th house lord is not associated to each other then Native will be not present in furneral rites of his mother.

12)We have to Jujde father from 10th house lord and brother from 3rd house lord. We have to follow same ways as we follow in previous Shlok for mother. If above Bhav or Bhav lord is associated with laganesh or lagna then it is considered very auspicious.

13) If 4th house lord and Sukhesh( Venus) is placed in Kendra or trine or own exaltation or own house or Vargottam etc or Lagnesh and 4th house lord is associated then Native will gets comfortable and royal vehicles and having good name and fame. He has awesome wealth and property and comfort.

14) If 4th house lord in dussthan or associate with Sun and Mars or placed in debilitating sign , or in same time 4th house has Sun and Mars or occupied by dussthan lord or natural malefic planet or lagan or Moon is associated with firey planet then his all proper, vehicles, land or cattles will take by another person.

15)If 5th house and 5th house lord is placed in Shubh sign, Shubh Navansh or associated with natural beneficial planet or in vaishaishik amsa or in auspicious varga and placed in Shubh Bhav then Native will be intelegent and doesn’t have fraudulent nature.

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