Phaldipika Chapter 16 part 5

Phaldipika Chapter 16 part 5  

22) If any of one or 2 among 9th house, 9th house lord or sun or mars is placed in dussthan or paap madhya or debilitating sign or enemy sign then native doesn’t has happiness of father.

23) If native is born in day time and Sun is well placed and aspected and associated with natural beneficial planet then his father will be long lived.

If native is born in night time then if saturn is well placed and associated and aspected by natural beneficial planet then father is long lived.

24) If trine from sun and moon is Mars and saturn then his parents will leave his child. But if in above case Sun and Moon is aspected by jupiter then even after separation child will be happy and long lived.

25) If 9th house has saturn’s sign and saturn in movable sign and sun in dussthan then native will gets help of other person just like father.

26) If 9th house lord and 9th house in movable sign and associated with saturn and 12th house lord is stronger in strength then native will be adopted by others.

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