New Batch Of Astrology

Timing of Events

Course topic

1. How to analyze a chart
2.Timing of marriage
3.Married life
4.Divorce yoga
5. Yoga of 2nd marriage and Multiple Marriage
6.Timing of child birth
7. Boy or girl
8.How many kids<
9. How to check Profession
10.Timing of promotion
11. Change in job- when is it possible
12. How to check Relocation
13.Buying of property and vehicle
14.Wealth yoga
15.Foreign settlement
16.Health issues
17.Transit – strength
18.Transit over planets
19. Accident
20. How to analyse dasha- strength or weakness

Fees – 1000rs per month, Paid on every 3 month

Duration – 1 Year

Classes mode – What’s app

Interested Person can contact on my what’s app number +919933149899

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