Phaldipika Chapter 16 Part 1

1) Native’s phsique may be according to Navansh lagan or strongly placed planet in Kendra.

Native’s look and color is according to Navansh of Moon.

We have to consider body part from Bhav and sign placed in that body parts.

1st house – Head

2nd house – Face

3rd house – Hand

4th house – Chest and lungs

5th house – Abdominal

6th house – Back

7th house – Internal sexual organes area

8th house – External sexual organes

9th house – Hips

10th house – Knees

11th house- Calves or legs

12th house – Feet .

Note we have to also consider Kaalpurush chart regarding body limbs.

2)If lagnesh in

Kendra or trine and

doesn’t be combust and

own sign, Mooltrikona or exalate,

and same time 8th house lord is placed other than Kendra ,

lagan has benifical planet or aspected by benifical planet then

Native will be wealthy, long-lived, having best qualities, honored by king, having good prosperity, attractive personality, belong to good family and religious.

3)If lanesh is associated with karak or functional benifical planet then native is belong to good town or village or society.

If lagnesh is associated with powerful planet then he may getting support via powerful person or king or eual to king.

If lagnesh is exalate then native is king.

If lagnesh in own house then lives in own birth place.

If lagnesh is in movable sign then he will be traveller or changing his place.

If lagnesh is in fixed sign then stable in a own place.

If lagnesh is in dule sign then results will be dual in nature or confused either change or not.

4) Lagnesh has brilliant Ray’s ( Vipul Rashmi) then native is famous.

Lagnesh is placed in auspicious houses then native is happy and prosperous.

Lagnesh is placed in dussthan or associate with enemy sign or debilitating sign then lives in base place.

If lagan sign is stronger than native will be healthy, charming and always prosperous.

If lagan sign is weak or associated with Malefic planet then Native will sick, disappointed and suffering in his life.

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