Phaldipika Chapter 16 Part 3

16) Native will be suffering from his enemies if

a)Many natural malific is placed in 6th house

b) If 6th house lord has enough strength and either aspected or placed in 6th house

c) Lagnesh is placed in his enemies sign

d) 6th house lord is placed in Kendra

e) 6th house lord is aspected or associate by natural malefic.

17) Native will enjoy disease free life, good fortune and storng phsique

a) If lagnesh is stronger than 6th house lord

b) lagnesh is placed in benifical planet sign and navmasa and aspected by benifical planet

c)4th house lord with enough strength and place in Kendra or trine

18) His enemies will destroy if lagnesh is stronger than 6th house lord and Sun will be placed in auspicious houses and 6th house lord is either placed in dussthan, debilitating, ast or in his enemies sign.

19) Any bhav lord or Bhav is associated with 6th house lord and 6th house those become enemy of native. Means issues regarding that bhav will be possible to the native.

20) If 7th house has natural benifical planet and associated with auspicious Bhav lord and 7th house lord is strong in strength then Native’s wife will enjoy happiness of husband, Children,and having best character.

21) If 8th house lord has weak strength in comparison with lagan lord and 8th house lord is placed other than Kendra in his friends sign then Native will enjoy disease free life, smooth life and long lived.

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