Moon Astakvarga And Mother

We have to consider Moon for Mother and 4th house from moon is belonging to all things about Mother.

Evil Time For Mother  

1)Note the Astakvarga Rekha of Moon in sign 4th from Moon.

2) Multiple this with Yog Pinda of Moon.

3) Now divide above results with 27. And note the reminder.

4)Transit of Saturn in Nakhshatra equal to reminder of above or Nakshatra which is trine (10th or 19 from that nakhshatra or own by same Nakhshatra lord) will harmful for mother.

5)If dasha is not favroble or other indication of death then it may cause death of mother. Otherwise health issues or other types of sorrows maybe possible.

Let’s take a example chart.

Yog Pinda For Moon Of Above chart is 126.

1)4th from Moon is cancer sign and Astakvarga Rekha of Moon is 3. 

2)Yog Pinda is 126. So we multiply 126 × 3 = 378

3)Now divide 378 ÷ 27 . Reminder is 0. So Nakhshatra is Revathi. Which is owned by Mercury. So other nakhshatra will be Ashlesha and Jyeshtha. 

4) So when Saturn transit over Ashlesha, Jyeshtha or Revathi may be harmful for mother.
Another Method For Evil time for Mother 

1) Note the sign lord of 4th and 8th house from Moon. 

2)Now note Navansh sign of both lord.

3)When Sun transit to trine from that Navansh sign then it may be indicating month of septation from mother.

In our Example 4th sign lord from moon is Moon and 8th sign lord from moon is Mars. 

Mars and Moon both are placed in Taurus sign. So trine from Taurus sign is Virgo and Capricorn. 

So Sun transit over Virgo and Capricorn is not good period for mother.

Another Method For Knowing Evil time for Mother 

1)Note the Moon Astakvarga Rekha in the​ sign 7th from Jupiter.

2) Multiply it with Sodhna Yog Pinda of Moon.

3)Divide by 27, remaining number will indicating Nakhshatra.

4)When Jupiter transit over that nakshtra, death of mother may be possible.

In our Example Jupiter in Sagittarius. 7th sign from Jupiter is Gemini. 

So Moon Astakvarga Rekha in Gemini is 4, now multiply with 126. 

126 × 4= 504

504÷ 27 , reminder will be 18 Jyeshtha. So Jupiter transit over Jyeshtha is not good for mother. 
Another method of knowing evil effects for mother 

1)Note the Astakvarga Rekha of Moon 7th from Sun.

2) Multiply with Sodhya yog Pinda of Moon. Divide by 27. Note the Nakhshatra equal to  reminder. 

3) The transit of Sun over that nakshtra may cause evil for mother. 

In our Example Sun in Cancer sign so 7th from Sun is Capricorn Sign. Moon Astakvarga Rekha in Capricorn Sign is 5. So 

5× 126 = 130 

130÷ 27 , reminder will be 22. So Nakhshatra will be Sharvana. So Sun transit over Sharavana may be harmful for mother. 

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