Lagan Astakvarga And Saturn Transit

1st Method 

1)Note the Lagan Shodhan Yog Pinda.

2) Multiply it with Lagan Bhav Astakvarga rekha. 

3) Divide it with 27. And Note the reminder. 

4)When Saturn transit over that nakshatra or trine to that nakshatra, native may be suffering from that bhav significant. 

Let’s see example chart

2nd Method 

1)Note the Lagan Shodhan Yog Pinda.

2) Multiply above with Bhav Astakvarga.

3) Divide it with 12. Note the reminder.

4) When Saturn transit over that sign or trine from that sign which is equal to reminder will harmful for that bhav significant.

Now in above example 

For 1st Bhav which is belong to health of native, will suffering when Saturn transit over Rohini (or Moon Nakhshatra). 

Again if we looks for sign then it will be Aries and trine of Aries Means leo and Sagittarius sign.

In same ways loss of wealth is possible when Saturn transit over Chitra Nakhshatra or Virgo sign.

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