Planet And Effect Of Transit 

Astakvarga gives a very simple rules regarding getting simple impact of transit of Planet. 

1)Just assuming the planet and position as lagan. 

2)Now fix the bhav according to Grah lagan.

3)As we know that more than 4 rekha in auspicious and less than 4 rekha will be inauspicious. 

4)Now look in which bhav planet is transit according to Grah lagan.

5)If transit sign has good rekha then planet will improve significant of that bhav. If transit sign has less rekha then planet will cause loss of that bhav significant. 

6) Again Good results will be obtaining during transit over planet in a Kaksha where planet has Rekha. 

Bad results will be obtaining during transit over planet in a Kaksha where planet has no rekha. 

Let’s see example chart 

Let’s see transit of Sun. Sun is placed in Cancer Sign. So first we consider Cancer as Sun lagan. 

So we can say that Sun transit in Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces sign is not favorable. Now Sun transit over Virgo may impact badly regarding 3rd house significant, so it may possible native may be suffering from lack of braveness. He may has ego problems with his siblings. He may has problem with his servant.etc.  In same ways Virgo transit over Sagittarius sign is not consider good regarding his health. He may be suffering from disease. In so on. 

In same ways, Sun transit over Capricorn, Taurus and Gemini is good. So Sun in Capricorn sign will cause growth of his daily professional life. It may also cause name and fame. Sun in Taurus sign will bring good profit and success in his professional life. It may give good name and fame. Sun in Gemini Sign is indicating native may be earn good name and fame in forigen place.

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