Jupiter Astakvarga And Shodhana Effect

We have to Jujde Children, wisdom, religious and writing activity from 5th from Jupiter. 

Jupiter and Number of Children 

1) First note Ekadhipati Sodhna value for Jupiter in his astakvarga chart for all sign.

2) Note the sign where Natural malific is placed. 

3) Add Ekadhipati sodhna fal of jupiter but don’t add value for sign where Natural malific is placed. 

4) The total number is indicating total number of kids. 

Let’s take a example chart 

Jupiter Ekadhipati sodhna fal for above chart is 

Ar – 0, Ta – 0, Ge – 0, Cn- 0, Le – 1, Vi – 0, Li – 3, Sc – 0, Sg – 1, Cp- 0, Aq- 3, Pi- 0 

So According to above results we just not take Rekha of libra. 

So total is 5. So maximum 5 kids may be possible.

Birth time of children 

1)Note the Astakvarga rekha of Jupiter in 5th from him.

2) Multiply above with Shodna Yog Pinda of Jupiter.

3) Divide above with 27. And take the reminder.

4) When Jupiter transit to a Nakhshatra which is equal to reminder or trine from that nakshatra, born of kids may be possible.

Let’s check in our example chart. 

Shodna Yog Pinda of Jupiter is 122. 

5th from Jupiter is Aries sign and Rekha is 5.

So 5 × 122 = 610. 

610÷ 27 , reminder is 16. 

Nakhshatra is Vishaka and trine Nakhshatra is Punarvasu, Purbbhadrapad. 

So Children born is possible when Jupiter transit over Vishaka, Punarvasu and purbbhadrapad. 
Another Method Of Timing of Birth of children. 

1) Multiply Shodna Yog Pinda of Jupiter with 7. 

2)Now divide with 27. And take the reminder.

3) Now check Strength of Jupiter in D1 and D9. If strong in D1 then count Nakhshatra from Ashwini. If D9 is strong then count from Dhanishta Nakhshatra. 

4)When Jupiter transit over that nakshatra, born of children may be possible. 

Let’s take example chart of Above. 

In D9 Jupiter is placed in Cancer Sign. So D9 jupiter is more stronger then D1. 

Now Shodhan Yog Pinda of Jupiter is 122. 

122× 7 = 854.

854÷ 27, reminder is 17. 

So 17 star from Dhanishta is Uttarphalguni. So issues is possible when Jupiter transit over Uttarphalguni. 

Know the month of child born 

1) Multiply Shodna Yog Pinda of Jupiter with 4.

2) Divide it by 12.

3) Note the reminder. When Sun transit to that sign kids may be born.

Let’s take above example. 

122×4 = 488. 

488÷ 12, Reminder is 8. 

So when Sun transit over Scorpion sign, kids may be born. 

Exactly in first kids of native is born when Sun in Scorpion sign. 

Know the birth star of kids 

1) Multiply Shodna Yog Pinda of Jupiter with 7.

2) Divide above with 27. 

3)Note the reminder. 

4)Now count Nakhshatra equal to reminder from Jupiter Nakhshatra. That nakshatra may be nakshatra of children.

Let’s check above example chart. 

Reminder will be 17. Nakhshatra of Jupiter is Moola. Birth star of Children may be Pushya.
Know the lagan of kids 

1) Multiply Shodna Yog Pinda of Jupiter with 9. 

2) Divide it by 12.

3) Reminder sign equal to above will be lagan of kids. 

Let’s check in above example chart. 

122× 9 = 1098

1098÷ 12, Reminder is 6.

Lagan may be Virgo.

Another Method 

1)First look Juptiter degree in husband Horoscope. Now Check in which planet Kaksha jupiter is placed.

2)Now Check wife Horoscope. And 5th from Jupiter Astakvarga. Now check is above planet(lord of jupiter Kaksha in husband horoscope) gives Rekha or not in 5th from Jupiter Astakvarga of wife.

3)If Above planet gives Rekha, then when Jupiter transit over 5th from jupiter in wife chart, child may be born. 

In above example month may be decided by following method.

1)Note the navmasa sign occupy by lord of Kaksha of​ Jupiter in the husband horoscope. When Sun transit to navmasa sign of above lord or trine, kid may be born.

In our example Jupiter is placed in Sun Kaksha. Sun in d9 in leo sign. So when Sun transit over Leo, Sagittarius and Aries sign, child born is possible. 
Another Method 

1)Note the Kaksha lord of planet which is lord of sign 5th from Jupiter.

2)Note the sign occupy by Kaksha lord of above Planet.When Jupiter transit over that sign, child born may be possible. 

In our example 5th sign lord from Jupiter is Mars. Mars is placed in libra sign. Mars is placed in Moon kaksha. Moon is placed in Aries sign. When Jupiter transit over Aries, child may born.

Evil Time for kids 

1) Multiply Shodna Yog Pinda of Jupiter with 5th from Jupiter Astakvarga.

2) Divide above with 27. Note the reminder.

3) Nakhshatra equal to above and trine may be evil , when Saturn transit there. 

In our example chart 

Nakhshatra will be Vishaka, Punarvasu and uttarbhadra. When Saturn transit over that sign may cause problems for his kids. 

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