First House Lord In Ninth House

1st house lord in 9th house


1) Before knowing effect of 1st house lord in 9th house we have to know about Tanu bhav and Ninth house .

2)As 9th house belongs to fortune house so Laganesh in 9thhouse indicating native is fortunate from birth. Native may be wealthy and rich. Native is very practical approach  regarding life path. Native have a materialistic approach regarding life. Native may be helpful or protector of others. Native may have a good communicating style.

3) 9th house is a strongest Dharma trikona so Laganesh in 9th house indicating native may be inclination regarding religious activities. Native may be active in religious work or deeds or activities. Such as native may be involving in established religious temple ,construction of temple, maintain of temple or other religious trust or other religious work. Native like to make relationship or making friendship with religious person. Native may be a good religious speaker or orator.

4) As 9th house related to mantra sakti  or yantra sakti so native may have power to obtaining mantra or yantra  sidhi. This depending on horoscope.

5)As 9th house belongs to fame so Laganesh in 9th house indicating native may gets fame. Its depend on horoscope how much fame native is gets. If Laganesh in 9th house aspects by beneficial planet then more change to become famous but there is lots of other consideration.

6)As 9th house belongs to father so native may respect his father and may have good relationship with father. If Laganesh is well placed then native father also be famous and good personality. Father may have faith on god and may have fears from god. Father have a good social respect. Native may gets his parental property.

7)9th house belongs to long travel so Laganesh in 9th house indicating native may go for long Travel

8)It is also told by our ancient seer if 9th house is occupy by Laganesh then native may be worshiper of lord Vishnu . One others meaning of it is native may be palankartha of society, family, town, country depending on horoscope.

9)Laganesh with 9th lord in 9th house indicating native may be wealthy and Rich or may be fortunate regarding wealth. If both are in best position then native may gets huge wealth. Native may be religious and doing good deeds. Native go for religious tour. Native serves his elders and father. Father may gets happiness through him. But if this combination is afflicted then it may indicating trouble in parental property.

10) For effect of different planet in 9th house you may read Planet In 9th house .

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